Exploring Utah: 4 Things to Do in the Beehive State

No matter what time of the year you head to Utah, this is a part of America that has so much to offer you. Hiking, gliding, racing, swimming, sailing — the Beehive State has it all!

Utah is brimming with all sorts of fun things to do. Read on to find four of them.

Go hang-gliding in Lehi

Lehi’s Flight Park, as its name suggests, is an area dedicated solely to hang-gliding. This means that, should you decide to indulge in this recreation in the confines of this plot of land, you wouldn’t have to worry about hitting pedestrians when you plummet back down to the ground!

Take part in the Moab Adventure Race

Are you looking for a new sporting challenge to sink your teeth into? If so, you should definitely look to partake in the Moab Adventure Race. Held each April annually, this race will pit you against the world’s elite adventure competitors. No matter how you take on this challenge, whether you go solo or whether you have your friends with you, be warned: when you enter this race, you will most certainly be put through your paces. The different legs that you will encounter in this competition include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Single-track trail running
  • Paddling across the Colorado river
  • Walking along a 300’ rappel

Sail on Utah Lake

When you think of Utah, you probably visualize rough desert landscapes — hoodoos, mesas, arches, spires, gorges, canyons, and so on. Water is probably not the first thing that springs to mind, put it that way. You might, however, be surprised to hear that Utah Lake is actually one of the largest bodies of freshwater found anywhere in North America. It’s well worth checking out because, if the weather is on your side at the time, you might be able to sail on it.

Explore Bryce Canyon

Utah might be an incredibly industrious state (hence why it has garnered the moniker of being ‘The Beehive State’), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t awe-inspiring natural areas to be found in this part of the world.

Quite simply, Utah brimming with nature. It boasts an impressive five National Parks, it plays host to 45 state parks, and it is the home of five historic sites. If you’re a lover of nature or a keen adventurer, then, this could be a perfect state for you to visit.

One of the best natural areas that you can visit in Utah is Bryce Canyon. Here, you can explore thick ponderosa forests, you can shimmy across the infamous Rim, or you can marvel at pristine alpine landscapes. In order to ensure that you are able to do and see it all, you should book yourself a place on Bryce Canyon ATV Tours. If you do, you will be able to see a lot more of this natural area than you would if you were to explore it on foot.

If Utah wasn’t on your traveling bucket list before, it probably is now that you are aware of all the fun that there is to be had in this state.