Unique Ways To Travel This Spring

Springtime is here, and the weather is perfect for carousing the lands and seas. Get out of the house, and enjoy what the world has to offer this spring. This year, do it with creativity.

Planning a good old fashioned road trip is great, but there’s more to traveling than 18 hours in a car with your family. Dig into what traveling has to offer, and try doing it a little different this year.

Check out a quick look at some of the coolest ways to travel this spring, and start planning your next adventure today.

Travel the oceans on a cruise ship

You may have taken a cruise before, but there are so many uniquely beautiful places to explore by water. Maritime laws can get a bit tricky, so it’s just easier to hop on a huge cruise ship. The best place to check out on your cruise is Alaska.

The landscapes you’ll witness, and the wildlife you’ll encounter are unlike anything you’ll see in the lower 48 states. Traveling to Alaska also means that you won’t have to worry about keeping a passport in your bag.

Try house-swapping with someone

This travel option means that you must first have a house, but it’s a creative way to spend some time. If you have a house, you can go online to find various domains which specialize in connecting house swapping travelers.

The best part about house swapping is that you can typically escape the costs of lodging. If you have ever seen Jude Law’s movie “The Holiday,” then you have an idea of how this may look.

The most important aspect to regard is screening. Make sure you know who you’re handing your house keys to when you initiate the swap.

Join a horse and carriage caravan

Take the family on a real old fashioned journey, and join a horse and carriage caravan to travel the lands of Ireland. Ireland is already an attractive destination, but traveling in a horse-drawn carriage makes the experience all the more unique.

There’s a company in Ireland that specializes in hosting glamping adventures via horse-drawn carriage and caravan. Clissmann Horse Caravans has widely been applauded for their unique travel opportunity. Explore the Emerald Isle in a whole new way, and use the moments to draw closer to nature.

Journey through the desert on a camel

You may have to travel a bit traditionally to get to a place where you can take a genuine camel journey, but it’s worth the efforts. Authentic Morocco is a camel companion business that will lead you and your travel party through the remote reaches of the area’s deserts, cliffs, and beaches.

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