A Guide to Luxury Yacht Charter in and around Singapore

If you are currently looking into your 2021 summer holiday, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, as we are all looking forward to getting away from it all, especially after two years of postponed travel plans, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. This calls for something special and if you are a lover of marine nature, why not charter a luxury private yacht?

Private Yacht Charter

With luxury private Singapore yacht charters from Simpson, a leading yacht broker with mooring facilities in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, you can be sure that everything is planned down to the smallest detail. The charter company is dedicated to creating a holiday route that takes in all the best locations in and around the Andaman Sea.

Choosing a Yacht Charter Company

Start with a Google search, which will give you list of yacht brokers that offer luxury yacht charter and choose an established company with an impressive fleet of luxury yachts and catamarans, with mooring facilities in a few South East Asian countries. The operator would have small, medium and superyacht vessels and going with a group of friends shares the cost, making a luxury yacht charter affordable to all. Here are a few tips to make family holidays less stressful, which might make all the difference.

Local Singapore Attractions

One of the best kept secrets, Lazarus Island simply must be on your list of must-see locations in and around Singapore, where you can enjoy the secluded semi-circular beach and crystal-clear blue waters. This island makes for the perfect mooring spot for kayaking, snorkelling, paddle-boarding and fishing, and you can stay in the bay for an idyllic evening, sipping your favourite cocktail and admiring the sunset. Kusu Island is a great venue for lovers of nature, where you can see tortoises and turtles at the turtle sanctuary, which was created to offer these amazing creatures a safe place to come ashore and lay their eggs.

Big & Little Sister’s Islands

This unique pair of tropical islands are 9.6 and 4.2 acres respectively and the two islands are separated by a narrow channel of water, where you can enjoy snorkelling above the coral reefs. The abundant fish population makes this a great spot to catch the evening dinner, which the chef will prepare for you and your group to enjoy.

St John’s Island

This pristine island is a very popular destination for yachts and catamarans and should certainly be included in your route. The island can be reached via a walkway from the mainland, otherwise you can moor the yacht nearby and prepare for some amazing snorkelling along the edge of the reef. A great place to observe a diverse selection or marine life, both in the water and on land, St John’s Island offers a spectacular sunset and you and your friends can enjoy delicious fresh seafood dishes prepared by the chef.

It is important to check online regarding the Covid-19 status in Singapore before making any firm travel plans, as there might be restrictions from certain countries and you may have to acquire a covid fit-to-fly certificate.