5 Ways You Can Make a Family Vacation Less Stressful

Family vacations are fun and a great way to make memories. The problem is, they often come with a lot of stress attached, from finding somewhere everyone wants to go to trying to get everyone to the airport on time. While a family vacation will never be a relaxing trip, here are some ways you can minimize your stress levels.

1. Let the kids have some input

If you’re sick of doing the big vacation reveal, only to see grumpy faces and lack of enthusiasm, then have a chat with the kids before you book. Letting your kids choose your vacation probably isn’t wise unless, of course, you do want to visit Disney parks every year. However, it doesn’t hurt to get their input and see what they’d like to do, whether it’s theme parks, horse riding, hiking or beach days. You can then take a look at the top family vacation spots and see which one ticks all the boxes.

2. Look for hotels with family-friendly features

There are many features that can make a hotel more family-friendly, from interconnecting rooms (to give you more space and privacy) to pools with waterslides. A hotel that’s welcoming for kids and has useful features will make your vacation so much more enjoyable. You could also consider renting an entire property through a site such as Airbnb to give yourself more space.

3. Book extras in advance

The key to cutting stress on your journey is to get everything booked and planned in advance, so you can avoid queues and hassle as much as possible. For example, you should get your airport parking booked through cheapairportparking.org, which helps you avoid driving around the parking lots looking for a space. Then, make sure your hire car is reserved, and you’ve chosen a vehicle big enough for the whole family. This makes it more likely that the journey to your destination will run smoothly.

4. Try to get some childfree time

Don’t feel guilty about wanting a bit of childfree time when you are on vacation. Even if it’s just a date night with your spouse, getting some time away from the kids will help you relax and enjoy the trip.

Some options for getting childfree time include:

  • Using the resort’s kids club – this is great for older children, as they get to make friends and try some activities
  • Using a local babysitting service – make sure it’s a reputable service that checks their applicants
  • Hiring a vacation nanny
  • Traveling with extended family – you can swap babysitting favors and your children can then stay with people you trust

5. Don’t be afraid of a little screen time

Parents are always hearing about the horrors of screen time, but on a family vacation, a small amount of screen time is fine. Tablets can be useful when kids are bored on planes or when they’re overtired and need to unwind, so download some age-appropriate, educational apps and don’t feel too guilty if they have some time to play.