Most Widely Spread Online Slot Myths

Slots are one of the most popular games for you to be able to play online and in the land-based casinos too, but there are so many myths circulating about them. What is truth and what is myth? Find out here and see if you can dispel anything you thought to be true with some of the famous and new online slot games in the market!

Slots Owe You

There are many people who believe that if they have been playing on a slots game for a certain period of time that slots machines should payout. This may be if people have been playing for a while, but this is never the case. The slot machine does not payout based on who is playing, how long they have been playing for or how much money they have used on a machine. It is actually all determined by a random number generator or RNG, so every time you spin the reel, the machine thinks you are a completely new player. This means that other external factors have absolutely no link as to whether you win or not, and slots games can be won on luck alone.

Playing Late Pays

It is not necessarily the case that playing at 3 am, for example, is going to ensure that you win. Yes, there is some logic to when the sites have less traffic than you may up your chances in being able to get your hands on a cash prize as there is less competition. But with slots games being solely based on chance, there is little you can do to alter your winning ability. However, if you are playing certain games at the most popular times, such as Bingo, you will decrease your chances of winning but that’s when the competition is at its highest. This does not apply with slots games as you are not competing with anyone else at all.

Bet More Win More

Actually, the amount of money you place on each line for betting when playing slots online is completely irrelevant. What is much more important is the number of paylines in play. To be in with a chance of winning big, winning the maximum amount possible and this includes the jackpot prize, you need to have the maximum number of paylines in play. This maximises your chances of winning as this way, any winning combination will align on a payline that you have placed a bet on. Nothing is more irritating than a big win being on a payline you have not placed a bet on. This is tantalising as the win is within touching distance but just out of reach. Be sure to place bets on all paylines but there is no need to maximise the amount you place on each.

If a Slot has just Paid out Big, Move On

No, there is no need to do this as there is absolutely no way of knowing what a slot machine is going to do. This is because every single spin on the reel is done so at random and therefore every reel spin could be a big winner. There is nothing to stop multiple big wins from happening consecutively, so don’t apply the logic of moving on as soon as you have witnessed one big payout. Your luck might just be in and you could be in for another big win any time. The spins are not connected to each other and are completely random. The slots game does not know who is playing and bases win on a random sequence of code so it could be any player, at any time that wins next.

The Chances of Winning Every Slot Are the Same

The chances of winning each slot game are very different. This can be evaluated by looking into many different pieces of information prior to beginning playing on a specific game but the main things for you to look at can be as follows:

  • The RTP – this is the return to player and will be given as a percentage in the details of every game. You can compare the RTP of difference slots game that you are interested in playing and see which one has the higher percentage. The higher the percentage, the better the payout ability. This means that you will be able to play a game that pays out frequently, although the wins may not be of life-changing size.
  • The volatility level – This is the difficulty level of being able to win the game and is also measured in comparison with being able to win cash payouts. This is not measured numerically but is instead classified in a group such as low, mid or high, though these often overlap into categories such as mid to high variance. The lower volatility games will ensure that you are in with a better chance of winning as they are easier to win, but the wins will never be enormous although their frequency can tot up to substantial value. Higher volatility slots games can lead to life-changing wins but you will need a bigger bankroll to play these types of slots games as there are considerable amounts of time that you will be playing without winning a single penny in return.

If the Slots Machine is not Eye Catching, It Won’t Payout

This is one of the biggest myths that should be dispelled. Actually, some of the best paying slots games are on machines or apps that do not have all the glitz and glamour that you may stereotype with the big wins. But this should not put you off. Take heed of the famous phrase and “never judge a book by its cover” or in this case a slots game. Sometimes, the big paying slots games are designed not to be too aesthetically pleasing to limit the number of players they attract which then, in turn, limits the amount of payout that occurs. These games are not interested in reaching number one in the ranking charts, they want to payout. So don’t be swayed by looks and take notice of the information regarding the slots games instead.