How to Plan the Ultimate Kids Birthday Party

Kids’ birthdays are bittersweet for any parent. Your baby is one year older, and it’s both thrilling and scary because they just won’t stop growing. Though there is nothing that you can do to stop the march of time, you can freeze the moment by planning the perfect birthday party for your kids at any age.

From infants to little kids, to teenagers, here is how to plan the ultimate kids birthday party:

The First Years

The good thing about having a baby is that you don’t have to host a huge party, because they won’t even remember it! While you should still invite your friends and family over to celebrate, don’t panic about decorations or presents, as your baby certainly won’t care.

For Little Kids

Little kids only care about fun. They haven’t reached the stage where peer pressure and wanting to look cool or grown-up has set in yet. So host your birthday party at your home and plan a few fun, easy games to keep them occupied and having fun. In the summer, you can host this party out in your backyard, and in winter, you can turn the living room into a fun party fortress and host many kid-friendly party games.

For Pre-Teens

Pre-teens are in that awkward phase where they want to be adults but still really love all the silly kid stuff (not that they will ever admit it). Find a good middle ground. Older kids love to be active and are finally not in that soft-skull stage to actually enjoy it without you worrying over their every trip. That’s why you should look at adventure parks, like the kids birthday parties at Urban Air in Naperville, IL. With trampolines, climbing walls, basketball, obstacle courses, and of course, a glow in the dark option, this adventure park has something for everyone and is so much fun for kids. The best part is that the entire day is planned for you, so you just need to book!

For Teens

By the time they are teenagers, your kids don’t need you to plan, but if they want to do something big, then they are going to need a budget. You don’t have to worry about a house party either so long as you or your partner are at home to supervise things, but that doesn’t mean that your teen shouldn’t get a grown-up party.

Book a table for them and their friends at a nice restaurant, for example, or get tickets for them and their few close friends to go to a theme park. An escape room is a great idea, or dinner night out, a spa day, a day at the racing track – there are a lot of great activities that adults love, and kids can enjoy.

Kids love birthday parties, but what that means to them is going to change over the years. Take their direction and make suggestions based on your budget so that they can have a realistic understanding of what they can have. Together you can plan the ultimate birthday party year after year.