Wayne Imber – Maintaining Good Health by Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Perhaps our most valuable asset is our good health, because without good health we are hardly able to enjoy any of the other amazing assets we acquire. Although there are hundreds of books thousands of articles written every year about the importance of maintaining good health, it remains elusive for many.

Medical practitioners like California based Doctor Wayne Imber spend much of their professional lives lecturing and admonishing patients about the need for them to take their good health into their own hands and do things consistently that make them healthier. Most patients would say that their intentions are good and that they would love to be healthier, but today’s lifestyle makes it very difficult.

The frenetic pace at which we live today does work against our overall health. It causes us to eat poorly not good enough exercise and causes our level of stress to skyrocket, but in spite of the challenges we must do everything we can 2 keep ourselves healthy or we run the risk of having our bodies revolt.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, here’s a list of things that can assist and getting you on track to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Goal setting

Most people have no problem making goals, for their school work, or their jobs, because they understand the necessity and doing it and how goal setting can pay off. Things getting murkier however when we talk about goal setting for good health. Unless the person has a specific ailment or physical issue, convincing them to set goals relating to their health is a real challenge. But we must keep in mind that most health issues don’t have symptoms until they become big problems. Therefore we need to do everything we can to avoid them from happening in the first place. Making a plan with specific goals for our health, can keep away any potential future health issues.

Goal setting should be aimed at four particular areas of your health:

Diet: you need to make your daily diet a healthy one. The lure of fast food restaurants and quick preparation meals is very strong today. These foods have been designed to appeal to our taste buds rather than the nutritional needs of our bodies. They contain lots of preservatives and too much sodium and sugars which collectively cause short and long-term health issues for those that consume it regularly. It is okay to occasionally stop off at burger king, but it should never be a daily exercise. Instead you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meats that are prepared with no butter or oils, multi-grains and good fats. By eating this way, you give your body those things that it needs to perform at its best and to fight off illnesses.

Exercise: think of exercise as the most important thing you can do to improve your health. It doesn’t matter how you exercise only that you do it. Whether you go to the gym, doing a weight loss session, head for the tennis court, or take brisk walks with your dog daily. The bottom line is you need to move your body and raise your heart rate for a sustained period of time. It’s also important to do some flexibility exercises and stretching.

Healthy Medicines: your doctor will give you any medications you need that can improve your overall health. Some of these medications work on conditions that you didn’t know you had or that you cannot feel at the moment. This does not mean that you should not take the medication. Instead you should take it at the times you are instructed to ensure the quality of your overall health. Many of these medications work to help the heart, lungs, digestive system, or blood pressure, all of which are important for the proper good functioning of your body. So never put aside or put off taking healthy medicines.

The final area to focus on for you good health is minimizing your stress throughout your day. Find ways for you to get away from whatever is causing you stress so that your mind can be cleared and you can reset yourself and be ready for the next day.