Title: Where to order contact lenses without having prescription?

Contact lenses or popularly called contacts are in the market for years now, serving as a much sought after alternative of regular glasses. Use it as vision correction or wear it as a cosmetic; you can rely on it any day. It covers the surface of the eye fittingly and offers a broader view as compared to regular glass. However, even the thought of buying contacts without prescription can be hassling. But ContactLenses4Us has it all sorted because you can now purchase contact lenses from an overwhelming variety of choices online at affordable prices. You can check off the pain of running around an Ophthalmologist for a prescription so that you call one such lens your own.

You can always choose to switch from regular eyewear to these contacts because it has several perks. These are lightweight, invisible to others, and do not need to be adjusted while walking, running, or doing any physical task. You can also wear contacts as a fashion statement. Contact lenses also come in a colored variant that gives your eyes a tinge of your choice. The best part of wearing a contact lens is that you get an unhindered side view, which is not the case while wearing spectacles or eyeglasses.

Types of lenses

When you intend to buy these lenses, knowing about the types available in the market will help you better. There are several varieties of contact lenses that serve diverse purposes. We suggest that you read through this section to get an impression of which would better suit your needs. The various types available are:

  1. Soft lenses – comfortable
  2. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGD) lenses – durable
  3. Extended wear lenses – overnight/continuous wear
  4. Disposable contact lenses – one-time use
  5. Specialized lenses – corrects vision
  6. Decorative lenses – fashion statement

Where to order them without a prescription?

After you have analyzed through the types of lenses, you by now might be sure of the kind that you want. Then, why wait when you can order it right now and get it delivered at your doorstep, no matter from which part of the globe you are reading this piece. We understand that getting one contact lens comes with an additional condition of having a prescription, but Contact Lenses 4 Us has taken care of it for you. You can browse through a wide range of contact lenses, pick the one you like and place an order online. Voila! Those lenses are on their way to you. Therefore, No prescription, no hassle, just pure satisfaction of owning a pair of contact lenses.


Contact lenses can boost your mood if you feel that eyeglasses stop you from looking your best or doing whatever you want. Choose the right pick for you based on your preferences and lifestyle, or even a makeover will be of no harm. Order online from ContactLenses4Us for a hasslefree experience. No prescription, no worries, yet, yes, contacts! We are hopeful the above discussion has helped you come out of your dilemma of buying contact lenses without a prescription and has aided you in selecting the best for you.