8 Style Tips for a Formal Occasion

Preparing for a formal event and planning your outfit? Let these 8 great style tips give you a boost!

1. Be Sure You Understand the Dress Code

Most formal occasions will provide an official invitation. It might outline the dress code as simply ‘formal’, or it might go into more detail, such as requesting ballgowns and tuxedos. If your invitation is a little on the vague side, or perhaps doesn’t mention dress code at all, it’s always a good idea to check in to find out more details so that you can be absolutely certain your outfit will be appropriate.

2. Choose Something Comfortable

Formalwear isn’t synonymous with the heights of comfort, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim to be as comfortable as possible. Avoid any styles which you do not feel fully confident in, such as opting for a dress with straps if strapless makes you feel more uncomfortable. Formal occasions can easily become very difficult if your outfit begins to hinder you or dampens your confidence.

3. When in Doubt: Little Black Dress

There is never an occasion which doesn’t call for a little black dress (unless the invitation specifically outlines no black!). If you’re out of your comfort zone, then a black dress can be a very safe and elegant option which you can easily dress up with other accessories and colors.

4. Wear Shoes You Can Walk In

Formal occasions are going to call for heels or shoes with a little more impact, but you should always make sure you’re absolutely comfortable in them, and can easily walk in them. Don’t just slip on in a shop and buy; walk up and down and try them out at home, too, to be sure you’re comfortable.

5. Step Up Your Accessories

This is the perfect opportunity to step it up a gear with your accessories. Formal occasions call for more accessories, or certainly more eye-catching ones. It might be easier to browse online for jewelry, on sites like Fjewellery.co.uk, so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for to best match your outfit. Even the simplest jewelry designs can be very elegant if you’re not a fan of the big and bold.

6. Your Hair Can Be an Accessory, Too

Your hair is very much part of your outfit when it comes to formal occasions. If you don’t want your hair to be the focus, you can opt for a pulled back, simple up do, which can be offset with bigger accessories and an outfit with more impact.

If you want to make more of an effort, curls and waves can add volume, and you can add sparkly accessories to your hair such as headbands or clips, too.

7. Consider the Weather

It’s easy to concentrate only on your outfit for the event, but what about traveling to and from the event, or if the event has space outdoors? Think about extras such as a formal jacket you can easily take on or off, or an umbrella which suits the occasion.

8. Check What Others Will Be Wearing

It’s not always possible to do this with every single guest, but if the formal occasion is in someone’s honor (such as a celebration for them) it’s at least a good idea to check what they are wearing so that you don’t choose something very similar (or identical!).