How to Find a Tutor For You

Maybe you need to find a tutor for your child. You may be struggling to find the right one. Here are five things to think about before getting a tutor.

1. A tutors personality

Hawkeye Primary School Tutor explains that you should try and find a tutor with a good personality and who is creative with their teaching. You want them to help your child feel relaxed when they are with the tutor and not feel like they always have to get the question correct. It can be quite overwhelming for the child when they don’t get the question right, they may feel the tutor will get cross with them for getting the answer incorrect. So you want a tutor who helps your child feel calm when answering questions and equations. You want a tutor who will not give up helping the child until they fully understand the subject. All tutors are different but the one you want to aim for is a kind, loving and caring tutor.

2. Expectations

Don’t keep your expectations too high because it doesn’t always work out straight away. It takes time for your child to fully understand. So are you sure you have the patience to wait? Even though it may seem like it is not working at first you just have to remember that the tutor is doing all they can to help your child. It definitely doesn’t mean the tutor is putting no effort into teaching your child because learning something that you find hard is very difficult for some children. So don’t worry if you don’t see an improvement all of a sudden because it will take time.

3. The expense

Hiring a tutor can be very expensive so you have to be sure you definitely need one. Make sure your child definitely is struggling before you hire one. You don’t want to make the mistake of hiring one when your child is learning fine. If you notice that your child is really struggling ask for some help off family or friends and they can help you make a decision.

4. Help your child

If you notice that your child is struggling, make sure you definitely can’t help them on your own. They may be struggling with reading, it could just be that they need glasses not that they need help with reading so look carefully before you make a decision. They may be struggling with a subject that you struggle to do yourself. But don’t make a decision just yet.

5. Free options

Don’t forget there is always free or cheaper options for helping your child. Consider school teachers, some teachers in school can take your child out of the classroom into somewhere more quiet so they can concentrate more and they will help them learn in a different way. Ask help off family and friends and see if they are able to help your child. If none of these options seem to work then this is the right time to consider getting a tutor.