6 Writing Tips To Take Your Writing To The Next Level!

If you dream of establishing a career as a writer, simply continue reading to discover six writing tips, which will help take your writing to the next level. After all, in order to become a well known, respected writer, it’s crucial to hone your craft.

6 Writing Tips To Take Your Writing To The Next Level:

1. Download Grammarly

Grammarly is a free tool which will highlight any spelling or grammatical errors, which may be present in your work. So if grammar isn’t your strong suit, it’s well worth downloading Grammarly, as all you’ll have to do to fix a grammar issue is to hover your mouse over each error which Grammarly picks up on.

2. Choose to write, when you’re most likely to be productive

One of the distinct advantages of working as a writer is that you’re free to choose your own working hours. If you find it near on impossible to write in the mornings, you may want to consider working in the evenings and using your mornings to relax or complete your daily errands. After all, there’s no point trying to write several pages in the morning, if you’re likely to sit at your desk experiencing writer’s block.

3. Use your smart phone’s notes to jot down your creative ideas

One of the worst mistakes you can make as a writer is to fail to write down new ideas when they pop into your head. If you don’t fancy carrying around a journal and a pen around with you, everywhere you go, you may want to consider using the notes tool on your smartphone, to record any ideas which you think of, when you’re out on the go.

4. Don’t get stuck in the habit of reusing the same words over and over

Most writers tend to reuse their go to, favorite words, over and over. However using the same words multiple times within the same chapter, may start to irritate your readers, so it’s well worth using a thesaurus to find alternate words to use.

5. Attend writers workshops on a regular basis

It’s well worth attending writers workshops as you’ll learn new techniques, which will take your writing to the next level. You’ll also have the opportunity to have some of your writing critiqued by your fellow writers, who may be able to give you tips and tricks, which you might find useful. If you’re looking to publish a new piece of work, you may also be able to give a draft of your work to your workshop’s tutor to look over.

6. Read as much as you can, in your spare time

One way to discover how to write books which will captivate your audiences’ attention is to read as many books, in your genre as you can. As you’ll soon start to learn what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to engaging your readers.

If you’re determined to achieve great success as a writer, simply follow the six simple steps listed above, in order to hone your craft!