5 Common Dresses Wedding Guests Wear

Despite having a ton of dresses lying in your closet, it can still be hard to decide on what to wear for special occasions, especially when attending a wedding.

Most of the time, the ones inviting you to the wedding have already written down the wedding attire theme on the invitation card. This makes it easier for you to decide what to wear when you don’t know what you should be expected to dress.

But some weddings aren’t specific about what EXACTLY you should wear, leaving you in the dark when it comes to how formal your dress should be.

Now before you start panicking, hear us out, we have looked into some of the common wedding guest dresses so that it helps you when you are deciding what you should as a guest for the expected wedding.

Maxi Dresses

When ladies are in a hurry to attend a friend’s wedding, their go-to dress is none other than their savior- a maxi dress.

Nothing looks fancier and comfortable to wear at the same time than this body forgiving dress. The material used for it is uniquely breathable and versatile enough for any different sized women so that they do not have to bear the embarrassment of looking out of place.

So not only does this make it perfect but it also the ideal dress you can choose at the last minute when you have to attend a wedding.

Most guests wear these for summer weddings, whether they are formal or informal weddings that they are planning to attend. Plus it has a variety of prints and cuts you can choose from according to what your personal preference is so you can rock this style on more than one occasion.

Midi Dresses

When women want elegant and cute appeal for their appearance, you can always see them going for a midi dress.

One of the best things about a midi dress is its ability to look stunning for any occasion and any body type. Its versatile qualities have made it extremely popular among women which is why it’s a popular choice for wedding guests.

It also has a balanced length- not too short and not too long- so these work really well with heels or even sandals depending on your height. And because of its versatile qualities, you can mesh them in different styles.

Women usually wear light-colored or plain spaghetti tops with a different colored or patterned midi skirt with high heels or even the other way around. It’s the type of dress you can layer on different items to create a new look for another formal or special occasion.

Off the Shoulder Dresses

When it comes to wedding guests dresses, another ideal dress that goes head to head with the ones mentioned before is off the shoulder dresses.

These dresses have their own kind of charm and an attractive appeal that you would usually find a lot of women guests wearing these at a wedding. When the bride is in white, you can wear other colors or styles such as an off the shoulder lace dress or pastel-colored tops paired with a skirt.

Plus, you would often find women wearing statement accessories when they wear this type of dress. They are mostly necklaces, and pendants so that the focus can be on the neckline and the jewelry works perfectly to highlight their shoulders and enhance their natural beauty.

Floral Patterned Dresses

If you are attending a wedding, you will most likely spot more than one person wearing floral patterned clothes.

Floral dresses allow so much room for experimentation with almost anything. The flower design itself lets you choose either light-colored prints for that delicate and elegant appeal. Or go for the bold approach with contrasting colors in the floral patterns.

Furthermore, you can always choose different styled dresses for this design. You might have seen wedding guests wear a simple neutral or pastel-colored top, with a floral pattern skirt. And there are even some that have neon colored floral patterns on a maxi dress to mesh elegance with comfort in one combination.

Moreover, you can even choose to wear different colored accessories or statement shoes and bags of your choice, and you will, without a doubt, fit in at the wedding perfectly. That is why women don’t have to worry about looking overly dressed when attending a formal or informal wedding.

Cocktail Dresses

When the wedding calls for a ‘cocktail attire’ theme, you would see women at these weddings wearing completely different kinds of dresses. But, there are a few similarities to them- and we will tell you what they are.

Firstly, for a cocktail themed wedding, it usually means you can go all out in choosing a party dress. This style is mostly worn at informal weddings, but it can be appropriate for formal ones. For weddings that are set for mornings, cocktail dresses on the shorter side and bright colors are more commonly worn with heels and a matching purse to go with it.

And night weddings, women find it more comfortable wearing longer styled cocktail dresses in darker shades. The flow and the dark color of the dress accentuate a woman’s body shape and hide the unflattering areas.

But that isn’t set in stone. A lot of people tend to wear off the shoulder body con dresses for any time of the day wedding. Additionally, you may have seen other guests wear asymmetrical dresses to highlight their figure and show off their legs for that extra style bonus.