Tie the Nuptial Knot in a Beautiful Lawn

So the day of your wedding is fixed, and you live in Delhi, and you are wondering where to tie your nuptial knot? Don’t think anymore, just go for marriage lawns in Delhi of which there are so many that you will be spilt for choice. Are you still wondering about the wisdom of having an open-air event? Well, don’t do so till you take a look at all the advantages. Every coin has two sides, so naturally, there will be a few negatives, but you will see that the positives outweigh them by far.

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The reasons for choosing a marriage lawn

  • Dressed as a bride with your heavy ensemble, the jewellery, hairdo, and makeup, you sometimes want to breathe in the fresh air. Your guests, too, will be in their best attire, and your family will be running around. Don’t forget the dance that’s going to happen with the music. Now imagine which is better, a banquet hall or an open space under the sky.
  • Yes, of course, there may be rain, but you are clever enough not to choose an open lawn if you have decided to get married during monsoon or summers for that matter, particularly if you are in Delhi. Of course, if you don’t mind bearing the cost of a ‘shamiana,’ you can still go for a lawn.
  • As far as music and dance are concerned, a banquet has a better advantage. You may have to tone down the music in a lawn after a certain hour unless the venue is located away from residences. You just have to deal with the situation and make the best of the time you have in hand. But dance and music in a lawn even during a short span is going to add a lot of fun to the beautiful venue.
  • Imagine your wedding photographs all with the same background. Boring isn’t it. You are sure to find exotic backgrounds for photographs without having to look around much as marriage lawns in Delhi are maintained beautifully. Your photographer, of course, has to be told to get his lenses and lights appropriately so that he is not caught off guard.
  • Another reason why a lawn is preferable is that a banquet hall is no way comparable to a lawn in its ambiance. As the sun sets over the horizon and the lamps go on the garden takes on a mesmerizing look. The bright lights of a banquet hall can never compare to this.
  • The natural plants and trees surrounding a lawn will save you the expense of getting exotic flowers for decoration which you will leave to rot after the wedding.
  • Have you ever thought of entertainment for your little guests? Imagine how bored kids can get. If you have a lawn that is big enough, add some lawn games as a prop. Not only will this keep the kids engaged, but adults can also have some fun.

So, though there may be some disadvantages they can be handled easily. A little expensive maybe but if you give the lawn managers the responsibility of catering and decoration it saves you a lot of headaches too. Next time there is a wedding in the family to choose a lawn and see how your guests enjoy themselves and talk about the wedding for days to come.

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