Making a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

If you love hosting, creating a perfect guest bedroom is the key to a memorable stay. Making your guest room livable and enjoyable for your guests can be a satisfying experience. Give your guests a five-star experience at the comfort of your home. You do not need to go high on the budget. Just lay out the basic requirements to give a relaxing experience.

Before you purchase any of the items below, you might want to consider if painting the room is necessary. You might want to update it with trendy colors.

Here is a list of six tips to help you set up a loveable, and livable, guest bedroom.

Interior Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are best for visually separating another space in your home. The uses are varied and abundant. Interior barn doors will add an exciting design element to your guest bedroom. Barn doors can spice up your guest room, or any room in your house, for that matter. The barn doors are easy to install.

Lighten Things Up

Place a light control switch by the side of the bed. Your guests can switch the lights on and off comfortably and don’t have to stumble over things. You can also add a good reading light near your side chair for a book-loving guest. Leave an excellent novel for your guest by the nightstand just in case they are book lovers. If not, you can place assorted magazines or a local paper by the nightstand.

You can also take a floor lamp which is rarely used around the house and put it by the bedside in the guest room. It will give height to the lighting.

Minibar and Snacks to Enjoy

Like any other person, guests might like to snack once in a while. Leave for your guests a wrapped up snack, fresh fruit, water, chocolate bar, or cookies by the table. You can also put a mini bar for your guests to give the hotel vibe and for their privacy. This way, if your guests are up at night reading or using the bathroom, they do not have to sneak down to the kitchen to have a snack.

Internet Connection for Your Guest

If you have wireless internet in your home, write down the password and leave it on the nightstand where your guest can find it. If you do not have wireless internet, avail a cable connection for your guest to hook to a laptop or computer. They will be able to update their work if it is necessary and catch up on emails. You can also advise your guests when the busiest times for the internet are in your home.

A Comfortable Bed and Bedding

Choose an eye-catching bed and give your guests a comfortable mattress. If you cannot afford to purchase a new one, invest in an air mattress. Air mattresses are quite comfortable. Pick out a duvet with bold colors and throw in some soft-colored pillows to balance the look.

Have clean bedding and luxurious linens for the bed. Find comfortable bed items like a nice set of pillows, mattresses, sheets, and extra blankets. Make the room cozier and welcoming by adding a few throw pillows. While decorating the bedroom consider beauty as well as texture. Invest in organic sheets and high-quality towels for the guests.

Place a side chair or armchair in the room. Instead of your guests relaxing on the bed, they can sit there. An indoor swing can also be a nice piece of furniture to have in the room.

Create Some Space In the Closet and Drawers

If you don’t have an inbuilt closet in the guest room, you can buy an over-the-door hook closet that allows your guest to hang some clothes. Add to this a supply of hangers. Clear out at least two drawers for your guest to put small items in. This will make your guest more comfortable with their items out of sight.

With the tips shown above, you can make your guests feel like they are staying in a guest bedroom which is comfortable and well thought out.