Sick of Chaotic Gatherings? Shift to Non-Alcoholic Parties Now


Often, parties with too many alcoholic beverages tend to end on a low point. If you are the host of the party, you see the furniture destroyed, the floor peed on, or toilet bowls filled with vomit. And even if you are just a guest, you can experience broken relationships after executing bad decisions during a party. Moreover, you can see your friends getting sick with stomach aches and sore throats after binge-drinking. Indeed, alcohol makes parties more exciting and engaging, but for many, it can result in havoc. This problem calls for a shift to non-alcoholic parties. Listed here are the top non-alcoholic drinks to replace your alcoholic beverages.

Flavoured water

Flavoured waters are zero- or low-calorie beverages that are primarily a mix of water, fruits and other herbs. Obviously, with its line-up of ingredients that you and your guests can continuously mix and match, this drink is nutritiously delightful and suitable for your party! It boosts your energy, coming from the starch of fruits so you can be sure that the party will still be energetic. Like most non-alcoholic drinks, it also boosts your health with its vitamins and anti-carcinogens.

Iced coffee

Caffeine is found in iced coffee, thus, enabling coffee drinkers to be energetic and active throughout the day. More refreshing with ice, iced coffee can pump a party up, rightfully replacing alcohol in parties. You can expect active participation in fun parlour games even without alcohol! Serving it is also easy as the ingredients are only coffee, ice and water.

Soft drinks

Although not that healthy compared to most non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks still make a possible choice in shifting to non-alcoholic parties. They give guests so much energy with the sugar they contain. They also taste sweet, hence, prompting your guests to drink more of them and stay refreshed during the whole party. Some soft drinks also have caffeine so these drinks can energise the party even more.

Non-alcoholic spirits

If you are aiming to have a relaxing non-alcoholic party, you can go for these non alcoholic drinks. These spirits are developed by food technologists to have classic features of spirits but remain non-alcoholic. Unlike alcohol, which makes you feel loose and wild, they allow you to feel free, but relaxed.

Milk teas

Other than spirits, milk teas can be a suitable replacement for alcohol in chilled parties. They taste sweet, depending on the sugar level you choose, all the while having that leafy-flavour coming from dried leaves of plants. With the primary ingredient of milk, you can be sure that your guests will be relaxed and better at handling conversations in the party.

Indeed, alcohol has proven itself to be a tasty beverage for parties. However, drinking it a lot can result in chaos and impaired functioning. With this problem, most health practitioners recommend serving non-alcoholic drinks at parties. Apart from being easy to prepare, they also give the same beneficial effects of alcohol – even more so due to their nutrients.

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