Should You Consider Facial Rejuvenation in Washington D.C?

With the advances made in the world of plastic surgery, the facial rejuvenation Washington D.C has to offer is now being enhanced by a series of complementary procedures. Women and men the world over have long been fighting the effects of time with plastic surgery. Whether it is a brow lift, tightening of the neck and jowls or an eye lift or a combination of all three, there are many new techniques available today that offer less downtime, a speedier recovery and often are much more affordably priced.

Should You Consider Facial Rejuvenation

  • Do you want to reverse the signs of aging and have a more youthful appearance?
  • Is your neckline sagging? Are you losing volume in your cheeks or under your eyes?
  • Are you getting crow’s feet, marionette lines around your mouth, and permanent frown lines and furrows in your brow?
  • Do you have drooping skin and wrinkles that weigh down your eyelids? Are your eyes tired looking’ Are you having difficulty seeing because of excess skin in your eyelids?

All of these issues can be fixed with a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures. A discussion with your physician can help you determine what methods will work best for you.

The clinic you choose should offer you the latest approach in facial and body cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures and have experience with face, neck and eyes. Whether your problem areas are sagging jowls, or the dreaded double chin, or tired, droopy eyes, an experienced and highly specialized surgeon is imperative. They will customize a solution to address your goals. In the end, you want to ensure a natural and refreshed look.

Problem Areas

  • Neck & Jawline

For some its sagging skin or vertical neck bands, for others, it’s a fullness under the chin or jowls that drag the mouth down, whatever your particular concern, facial rejuvenation procedures are customized to ensure you get the best results possible.

  • Eyes

Eyes are delicate and yet so powerful. They reflect both our wisdom and our age. For many dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes are a problem, for others it may be droopy eyelids and crow’s feet. There are solutions to these, most of which are non-surgical, so you don’t need to stress. A tear trough filler is the most popular option for eliminating dark or sunken eyes, Botox is another option. Whereas thread lifts are good for solving droopy eyelids and crow’s feet. All these options give immediate and noticeable results without having to undergo surgery.