Facial Plastic Surgery Center Talk About Being Ready

Have you ever considered having plastic surgery on your face, perhaps a nose job? A neck lift? A change in the shape of your lips? Many people consider these treatments but when the time comes they don’t get the treatment, this is often because they are scared, because they cannot afford it or simply because they change their mind. To be honest I do not blame these people at all, these are big decisions which cannot be taken lightly. I was recently in a facial plastic surgery center for a consultation and I spoke to the staff there about some of the key considerations that people should make before they decide to undergo facial surgery of any kind.


The most important question that anyone who is considering this surgery needs to ask themselves is why. It is absolutely vital that you understand just why you are looking to change the shape of your face forever. The reason as to why it is important is because many people undergo surgeries for the wrong kind of reasons or because they have mental health issues around body image. If a patient has these mental health issues then no amount of surgery will ever fix the problem.

Can You Afford it?

There are a worrying number of people who fall into terrible financial problems as a result of the surgery and it is absolutely vital that you ensure that you can afford to pay for it entirely. There are of course finance options available but the point remains the same, that you must be able to afford the repayments on the loan that you take out. Don’t put yourself under any extra financial pressure, if you cannot afford it then wait until you can.

What Do You Want?

It is important that you are realistic with your expectations when it comes to your facial surgery and this is why it is imperative that you speak with your plastic surgeon about what they can realistically do for you. There is no point walking in and asking for a nose like Kim Kardashian if your face simply isn’t shaped in that way, so you need to lay out clearly what your expectation is, and then listen to the surgeon when they tell you what they can actually do for you.

Considering Age

Have you thought properly about how your new look will age over time? If not then it is something which you will have to give serious consideration to. Your new nose or new lips may look epic now but when you start getting older and your skin begins to sag, how well will that piece of surgery hold up? These are key questions which you must ask your surgeon before you go under the knife.

This is not saying that you shouldn’t do it, but you should certainly know what your are letting yourself in for first.