3 Details to Always Keep in Mind About Stretching

3 Details to Always Keep in Mind About Stretching

One of the greatest sayings among synchronized swimming coaches is “oldness starts with the loss of flexibility.” In order to “become young” without harming your body enough to start feel old, it is necessary to remember about 3 main principles of safe stretching.

Do not Set Yourself Pain to Endure the Pain

Regardless of the type of stretching you do – you should never reach the level of pain. The biggest misconception about the stretching is that your should go through it. When the most underrated and overlooked phrase comes down to your ability to relax your muscles. Which you won’t be able to do while causing yourself a micro-injuries.

Warm Ups are Essential

If we say that stretching is like a driving, comparing warm ups to passing the seat belt would be inaccurate comparison. Starting to stretch without activating your muscles would be the equivalent of starting to drive without a steering wheel. Because that is exactly the type of ride that will get you in the accident as soon as possible.

Heart.org (world-renowned organization with almost 100 years of good reputation) wrote a detailed article on physiology of warm-ups and why they are important. The scientific community states that a productive warm-up before any type of workout dilates your blood vessels. That way, your muscles receive a better supply of oxygen. As a result, it raises the temperature of your muscles for optimal flexibility and efficiency. By raising your heart rate gradually, the warm-up will also minimize stress on your heart. Muscles will become more elastic and easy to work with. That way they are less likely to resist during the process of stretching and more likely to relax.

Straight Back Will Give You Better Results

Whichever workout program in your fitness journey you choose, your primal goal becomes to see the result of your efforts as soon as possible. Being obsessed with the goal can lead your neglect of various technique aspects. One of the most common mistakes beginners do while stretching is rounding their lower backs during the course of the training.

Reaching with your hands to the floor or your forehead to your knee should not be your priority. The main trick is to have your lower back straight at all times. Especially whenever you lean forward or backward.

The reason behind why having a straight lowers back is good for you lies not only in the fact that by doing so, you make back muscles more elastic. But because you prevent yourself from injuries in other lower parts of your body. Thus, you don’t overstrain your hip joints and your leg muscles and get to your maximum level of flexibility safely.

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