Why Moms Should Take a Solo Vacation

As a mom, you probably spend most of your time looking after other people. You may think this is precisely the reason why you shouldn’t go on a solo vacation, but in fact, this is why it’s all the more important to do so. Demonstrating the joy of travel to your kids is important, but it’s also important for them to see you being independent and doing things for yourself. You may be surprised at how well they do while you are away, and afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to slip back into your role as mom.

Kids and Caregiver Bonding

Moms are usually the main caregiver in the family. When you are away for a night, a weekend or longer, it gives your kids and the other parent some quality time together. If the kids won’t be staying with their other parent in your absence, it could be a wonderful opportunity for them to bond with their grandparents or aunts/uncles. Framing this as a positive experience can help ensure that you all look forward to it.

Advantages of Bus Travel

There are a few potential advantages to bus travel. First of all, if you’re a one-car family, it means your partner can keep the vehicle and no one will be inconvenienced. Second, buses go to many places that you wouldn’t be able to visit by train or plane. Finally, bus travel is economical, far cheaper than renting a car. You can find and book bus tickets online, which helps you compare dates and find the best deals for you.

Check In

If your children are teens, this may not be necessary, but if they are younger, arranging a check-in each night that you are away can help them feel connected to you and keep you from missing them too much. Schedule a time to have a chat with them about their day and remind them when you do of when you’ll be back.

Accept Mixed Emotions

When you are implementing new lifestyle tips to improve your life it isn’t always puppies and rainbows, but growth comes from discomfort. You’ll probably have mixed emotions the first time you set off on your own. You may feel guilty about leaving the kids or even lonely for your family. It’s absolutely normal, and you shouldn’t take this as a sign that you’ve done the wrong thing. Of course, solo travel isn’t for everyone, and that’s also fine. If after your trip is over you decide that you don’t really like solo travel, you can always invite a friend or a sibling to join you next time.

Start Small

If you have never traveled without your family before, it’s a good idea to start with a short nearby trip just so that everyone feels reassured. If you are setting out on your trip when your kids are very young–which is a great idea to get them used to the practice–a short trip to someplace nearby is smart because more than a night or two can be a long time for a young kid to be away from a parent. It can also mean more peace of mind for you.