Why Backpacking Is Something That You Should Do At Least Once a Year


Travelling is a luxury for some but a stressful project to most. What people don’t realise with backpacking is that it’s a different form of vacation compared to your annual vacation from work. Besides choosing your own set of peers, you’re able to select the sites and dictate where you want to go for the trip. Backpacking isn’t just for the holidays; it’s also a way for you to embrace a different perspective by showing you that there’s a lot to discover in this world. If you’re not convinced to pack your bags and book your hotel, then here are some points for you to consider in taking what could be your most surprising adventure yet.

Getting off the grid

Everyone deserves a day off, especially if you’re a hard worker. Leaving a note for your contacts to know that you’ll be away and getting away from the business of the city can give you a fresh perspective on what life is like outside the office. One of the more important benefits of backpacking is being away from your devices.

Recent studies on EMFs or Electromagnetic fields show that prolonged exposure to multiple electronic gadgets could prove to be fatal to a person’s health. Technologies for EMF protection are being developed to meet the need to stay off the grid by lessening the effect of the stress from using too many devices. Then again, what better way to stay away from devices than being high up in the mountains?

Going on your own, or with a friend

Travelling is always fun to do whether with people or on your own. If you’re looking to discover more about yourself and want some time of isolation and peace, it can be a better option for you to try and take a trip solo. Being alone at the start of your trip doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be isolated completely. You’ll be exposed to meeting other tourists and locals along the way where you can share a bond of being strangers on the same path.

Backpacking can also be a way for you to reconnect with old friends and family. Going on an adventure with them is sure to rekindle your past relationship with them while making unforgettable memories with each other.

Discovering different cultures

Sometimes we forget that we’re part of the massive world around us. Being stuck in corporate life with a nine to five might be all the world that a person considers. A cramped cubicle might make you forget that adventure is everywhere, from trying out a new restaurant to crossing the desert in Jerusalem. An excellent way to wash your palate of the workplace is by finding a place that you’ve always been interested in, or do the exact opposite and go to a place that you know practically close to nothing about. Life is all about being open to new experiences, and backpacking is one way to enjoy life one trip at a time.

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