What Are The Advantages of Bilutleie Trondheim?

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You don’t need that many reasons to visit Trondheim, Norway. Trondheim is one of Norway’s largest and oldest cities, having been founded as a trading post by Vikings throughout 997 AD. It has a mild oceanic climate due to its location on a peninsula (by northern European standards, of course).

The city also has a thriving cultural scene, and its legendary city center, given its size, still feels comfortable. In addition, the city is well-known for its numerous festivals, diverse selection of dining options, and vibrant musical and artistic scene.

Many visitors are unaware that the city is well-equipped for cycling exploration, with bicycle lanes as well as a bike lift (yes, you read that correctly) to assist cyclists in ascending one of Bakklandet’s narrower streets.

Yes, there really are plenty of museums to go through, such as the Ringve Music Museum (which exhibits rare instruments), Rockheim (which is more about rock as well as mainstream music, as its name implies), the Nordenfjeld Museum of Applied Art, the Trondheim Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Decorative Arts. Each is unique and awesome in its own way.

So if you tour Trondheim, there is no shortage of shopping opportunities. From the tree-lined Munkegata, which runs between Ravnkloa and Trondheim Cathedral, to the streets reserved only for passengers of Olva Tryggvasons and Nordre, in which you can take a leisurely stroll while people-watching or spend all your money in a few of the numerous quaint specialty stores.

Did we mention coffee? Yes, there’s an inviting café around every corner, bustling with folks getting warmed up or chilling out. Check out the link to find out more interesting details https://medium.com/xcellab-magazine/5-tourist-attractions-in-trondheim-89f910314341.

Hub for technology and science

Trondheim is a hive of activity, with a thriving tech community and slashing coworking spaces and start-up incubators. This is due in largely to the fact that it is sanctuary to Norway’s biggest university, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

NTNU recognizes many important societal challenges through strategic research in sectors such as health, energy, oceans, and sustainability. The university is filled with students who play an important role in facilitating a variety of empowering cultural activates and events across the city.

Norway’s foodie capital

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Trondheim is the utmost culinary experience, making it a meaningful pilgrimage for food lovers. You won’t run out of options with the abundance of local cafes, delightful restaurants, delightful eateries, and microbreweries. You also have restaurants that have received a Michelin star. Trondheim’s specialties include lamb, salmon shellfish, and other seafood, as well as berries.

Therefore, if you love experimenting with different dishes, this is the place to visit as well. You can learn different recipes and start incorporating them in your own kitchen as well.

Luxury accommodation

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You can book a few nights in fancier hotels if you want a more luxurious experience. You can loosen up in the spa or dine at one of the hotel’s restaurants while being encircled by luxury and comfy design. Many wonderful locations and tourist destinations are within walking distance of plenty of hotels throughout the city.

Stroll through Bakklandet’s vibrant and delightfully picturesque neighborhood, stopping for the ideal photo opportunity on the Old Town Bridge. Come see the impressive collection of Norwegian, worldwide, and modern art exhibitions at Trondheim Kunstmuseum. You can also try shopping in Midtbyen’s strolling streets for just a little retail therapy. Who doesn’t feel better after shopping? You can purchase souvenirs and little mementos of your time there.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to stay in a luxurious hotel to have a nice vacation there. Plenty of hotels and accommodations exist for reasonable prices. It’s just nice to know that you also have the option to choose something a little fancier.

Dive into the 11th century


Visit the renowned Nidaros Cathedral and marvel at its phenomenal Gothic façade to immerse yourself in the great heritage of the 11th century. Nidarosdomen is Norway’s national sanctuary, constructed over St. Olav’s grave.

Because the former Viking king Olaf II Haraldsson was canonized in the 11th century, Saint Olav’s sacred shrine in the Nidaros Cathedral has been an essential pilgrimage site. Even today it is still a cherished destination for pilgrims from every part of the world. The site, which began as a plain wooden chapel over the saint’s grave, grew into a majestic cathedral over time.

Mountains, fjords, forests, and the Aurora Borealis

Trondheim has everything. Trondheim, located on a fjord, offers an impressive city experience as well as breathtaking natural landscape. In the winter, you can look for Aurora Borealis dancing lights or even try skiing at a couple of winter parks that are scattered throughout the city. Bymarka, just outside the city’s outskirts, is a great place to visit in the warmer months.

With an assemblage of marked trails crisscrossing the reserve, leading to remarkable perspectives, delightful rest areas, and nice cozy cabins providing food and beverages during the winter months, this picturesque area is perfect for mountain biking, skiing or cross-country skiing. Take a boat trip to both the islands of Hitra to taste delicious seafood meals if you’d like to venture out onto the fjord.

A few final words

All of this sounds amazing, as you can probably tell. The best way to see everything there is to see within the days you’re staying there is to rent your own vehicle. If you can’t arrive in Norway with your car, try renting one instead. There are plenty of companies that offer such a service. Check out Leiebilguiden.no – Trondheim, among other options to find out more.

Moreover, driving your own vehicle gives you the freedom to go anywhere you please, whether you are visiting the city alone, or with someone else. You won’t get overcharged by taxis and you won’t have to follow bus timetables. How practical and convenient is that? Just find a reputable company and the rest is a piece of cake! Enjoy your vacation by exploring everything faster with a rented car.