Three Perfect Winter Getaways for the Family

Winter can be cold, dark, dreary and just an unpleasant time of the year, or it can be a time of love, laughter, and utter warmth. The difference in these scenarios is not where you live, but whether or not you make the most of your time indoors to enjoy the company of your friends and family. It doesn’t necessarily mean you spend all your time at home, either. By getting out there with your family for a winter getaway, you can stop the negative impacts of the season and make it a highlight of the year. To help you decide on what tradition you want to adopt, here are three perfect winter getaway ideas for the whole family.

To a Ski Chalet for a Winter Escape

Winter sports are the perfect way to spend the season. Not only can you enjoy the snow and all that it has to offer, but you can also get the exercise that most sorely lacks. End the day in front of a warm fire with your family, and you can build a winter tradition that will last decades. Rent out a ski chalet if you can, and your Christmas experience will be set. If you can’t, try to prepare a meal in advance instead so that when you come home from any of these great resorts, you can easily put together a hearty dinner with little effort.

If you don’t live near a ski resort and don’t have the budget to travel to done, opt for tobogganing instead! You can still enjoy fun exercise out in the cold and then head back home for some warm, cozy dinners together as a family.

To a Sun-Filled Beach to Recharge

For those who actually suffer during the winter season, there is no better way to escape than to a sunny and warm destination. Go to the south of the States to areas like Florida or further to the Caribbean and you can get that much-needed vitamin D, relax in the sun, and of course get a much-needed tan. If you go to the other side of the States to California, you can have your pick of experiences. Go to the mountains to see some snow, and then head down south to surf the waves. The point is to get you up, active, and in the sunshine.

To a Picturesque Capital for Christmas Celebrations

If Christmas is coming up, then treat your family to a Christmas getaway vacation. There are some cities out there that go above and beyond in terms of festivities. London in the UK, for example, is a hallmark opportunity. Not only does the entire city doll itself up for Christmas, but there are also a variety of different and traditional Christmas markets and events to enjoy. From Bavarian Christmas villages to Christmas shows for kids like A Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker, if you want to give the gift of magic this season, get out from your hometown and head to London.

Winter getaways are great ways to spend time together and to enjoy winter to its fullest. If you find you don’t like the season, try to spice it up with any of these top three suggestions!