Things to Consider about Your Airport Transfer Company

Getting to and from an airport can be a real nuisance. In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, traveling to the airport can take a long time with huge traffic jams and nervousness. It can be even worse in areas where airports are very far from residential areas.

Compounded with the fact that you will have to leave your car at the airport and pay for parking, or to leave the person who drove you to the airport to endure the equally annoying and exhausting trek back from the airport.

The alternative to hiring an airport transfer company comes naturally, then. However, not all transfer companies are equal and if you’ve ever hired one, you probably know this.

However, there are ways you can estimate how good a transfer company is. Airport transfer experts at Cardiff Limo give us an insight into some important things to look for when choosing your airport transfer company.

Start with the Point of Contact Person – the Driver

When you hire a car to take you to the airport, it comes with a professional driver. At least, that is what you expect, a professional who will drive you to your location and make sure that you are not late or uncomfortable.

It pays to know how the drivers are chosen by the company and how they are screened for things like alcohol and potential problematic criminal background. Most companies will have extensive background checks on their drivers and a zero tolerance policy on alcohol and drug use, but it is always a good idea to double check.

Check the Insurance Status of the Company

As a commercial entity, a good transfer company will have to have insurance in place, otherwise, they won’t be able to register the company or their cars.

However, there is a small loophole here which some less savory companies might try to exploit – their insurance might only cover the driver and the car itself, and not the passenger. Make a point of knowing this fact and ask for insurance details from the company.

The State of Their Fleet

When you visit a company’s website or some other marketing presentation, all you will see are flashy new cars and happy, smiling customers.

However, most of us are by now pretty saturated with marketing and we can see what the purpose of those ads is. The reality can be a lot different, you might end up in a car which is past its prime and seen better days.

Commercial transfer companies need to comply with strict rules and regulations when it comes to car safety and mechanical functionality. Ask the people in charge about their maintenance routine and cleanliness before you put your trust in them for the first time.

And Finally, the Matter of Cost

Hiring an airport transfer company is a matter of comfort and security first and foremost. What you are paying for is a comfortable and relaxed way to get to or from your flight without the clutter of the public transport or the exhaustion of driving yourself anywhere.

This privilege is not going to be exactly cheap, but it should also not be so prohibitively expensive that most people cannot afford it. If the prices are significantly higher than you expected, chances are that the company you are looking at has raised their prices to seem more exclusive and premium.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to send out requests for quotes to several different companies and to see what the generally accepted price is. With that information, you can determine whether the luxury and comfort mean that much to you.

There are other things you should consider as well, like how kid-friendly a company is if you are traveling with children, but these points are the most important ones, concerning safety, comfort, and the pricing.