The Best Spots For Photography In Edmonton

Many people who scour real estate listings in Edmonton are professional artists and photographers. Edmonton is a beautiful city with a vibrant atmosphere. It holds various types of festivals all year round, and in the summer, these festivals just keep on coming. It features topnotch tourist attractions and the food is great as well. There’s also the famous West Edmonton Mall, which is one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

Yet for photographers, the secret allure of Edmonton lies in its secret locations where even newbies can take stunning photos. Some of these locations offer magnificent backdrops that are perfect for personal portraits and weddings:

  • McKay School. This isn’t really a school anymore, though it was back in 1906. Now it is home for the Edmonton Public Schools Archives and Museums. This red brick building looks marvelous and it oozes with history, which makes it an ideal backdrop for portraits and formal wedding photos.
  • The Alberta Legislature. You’re not allowed to take pictures inside, but then its outside appearance is just glorious. This is especially true at night, and it’s a perfect backdrop for family and wedding photos. You can take a picture of the front, where you have a reflecting pool to really provide an enticing image. Or you can take photos at the back of this building, where there’s a gorgeous green park with picturesque flower beds.
  • Union Bank Inn on Jasper Avenue. This historic building was once the Union Bank of Canada, and it’s located in the Business and Arts District in the middle of downtown Edmonton. Have the building as your backdrop so you get a great “old Edmonton” vibe, or you can go onside for terrific family and wedding photos for small groups.
  • Manulife Place and Commerce Place. These two buildings are often associated together since they’re connected by a downtown pedway. While you can shop in these commercial places, photographers can also get great photos in various spots inside. You can also have them as your backdrop so you have a contemporary urban vibe for your photos. You may need to get a permit to shoot here, but then it’s free to obtain.
  • Muttart Conservatory. If you want to capture the city at its best at night, you can do a lot worse than take a picture at this state-of-the-art botanical garden. It’s simply a sight that seems one of a kind, as you have eye-catching glass pyramids ascending from a river valley. Take your shot the right way, and you can have these pyramids framing your city skyline photo.
  • Old Strathcona Farmers Market. The best place to take a photo here is at the back of the building. It offers lots of character, as you have large warehouse doors, brick walls, old train tracks, and graffiti to add to your photo elements.
  • Capilano Park and Gold bar Park. These are the two locations that offer superb pictures for summer and fall photography. They’re just 3 minutes apart, and they’re found at the border of Edmonton and Sherwood Park. The whole setting is simply relaxing, and the kids here can loosen up and be themselves. It’s just a perfect place for relaxed family photos.
  • The End of the World. That’s the name of one of Edmonton’s highest spots. You have to get past the renowned Muttart Conservatory, and then go up to the summit of the ski hill. Just be sure you have the $150 to pay the fine if you get caught trespassing, but this spot gives you a view of the valley and the entire Edmonton downtown. It’s simply an exquisite backdrop for family and wedding portraits.

So don’t just limit yourself with taking studio shots. You can have the whole city of Edmonton as your studio, if you know where to take your photos.