Spend an Amazing Day in Chicago like Chicagoans do!

Some consider Chicago to be the Windy City; others allude to it as the hub for all kinds of stable entertainment. Additionally, a lot of people refer to it as the Second city as well. This is because it is said that the population here grew in the 19th century. It was second only after New York City.

While Los Angeles surpassed this, it was knocked down to the third position, but now we can still refer to it as the second city because it is more or less like the second-best. With properties like Hyatt Regency McCornick Palace Chicago being some of the best in the nation, this place can also be described more or less as an architectural wonder too!

Also, we have tried to inculcate the best of local experiences to you to live in Chicago completely in authenticity for a good 24 hours. Here is all you need to do to absorb everything as best and organic that this city has to offer:

9:00 am- Early morning: Enjoy the most crucial meal of the day

While most of the times, Chicagoans end up simply settling in for a coffee and snack, before heading for a late breakfast. But, with places like Little Goat Diner would offer you everything you need. Enjoy delicious dishes such as Dark Chocolate Chip Pancakes or simply pick the breakfast bowl here. If you are staying in a place like Hyatt Regency McCornick Palace in Chicago, then you can simply enjoy the scrumptious brunch offered here.

10:30 am- Try out one of those tourist deals

Built on distinct neighborhoods, Chicago is spread all over the place. Since, we want you to stroll around like a local, enjoy the Millennium Park and simply check out the schedule that matches up most with your choices. Pick a yoga session, go for a concert or go for a movie.

1:00 pm- Time to delve deep into the dishy and greasy

Well, nobody can deny the magic of deep-dish pizzas. But, in Chicago this type of pizza is a matter of pride for most Chicagoans. If you want our pick, then Lou Manati is the ideal option for you! Enjoy the pizza and go all Chicagoan on your food plans.

3:30 pm- Check out the hipster neighborhoods

Well, this is just an idea for the walk and explore type people. Chicago has plenty of hipster neighborhoods with graffiti and a lot of fun activities to offer to you! Enjoy the best of the city by simply speaking to the locals and spend a memorable afternoon.

Furthermore, to give your Chicago experience a complete finish, here is what you can do:

  • 5:45 pm- Enjoy the architectural wonder
  • 10:00 pm- End the night with a jazz

While this is a rough outline for you to enjoy Chicago to the fullest, if you are heading for work, then simply pick a holistic experience like the Hyatt Regency McCornick Palace. It offers you the best of Chicago and you can explore this architectural wonder. With most attractions in vicinity, there is plenty you can do here.