See the Real Spain Outside of Resorts

When most people think of a Spanish Holiday, their minds float straight to beaches and resorts. While sipping a cocktail on clear beaches is always fun, sometimes you want to experience something a little more real. Spain has a lot more on offer than just beaches, often the road less travelled even features the better tapas.

If you want to experience the real Spain, then there are places you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of the tourist towns. From idyllic countryside to certain quarters of the cities, there is a whole different side to Spain that many never see in their brief stays. These unique towns give visitors a glimpse into actual life in Spain outside of the tourist traps. It might even be enough to make you decide to stay.


Estepona is a unique town on Spain’s South Coast. The place has remained relatively untouched from the masses of tourists that descend on other towns throughout the summer months. This village is quaint, full of fantastic tapas and nightlight. The beach is clear as you’d find anywhere else, but without the crowds that can dominate the larger cities. As well as the beach and nightlife Rstepona offers some unique attractions like the Seafront Promenade and the Centro Històrico de Estepona. This area sports some historic Spanish architecture that visitors would miss in a bigger city.

Just because it isn’t a tourist hotspot it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. This town is notable for its horticultural life, often brimming with flowers year-round. There is also a Botanical Garden and Orchid house. The flowers on offer will keep the green-fingered happy no matter how many times they tour it.

Priego de Còrdoba

Priego de Còrdoba is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets. This town is positioned right on top of a cliff, overlooking the Subbeticas National Park. With this kind of view available, it is amazing that this idyllic old town is yet to become a major tourist hotspot.

Luckily, its old streets remain largely free of crowds. The castle in the location isn’t quite as low-key, but it is still worth a tour. If you’d like to experience authentic Spanish life with a breath-taking view, then this town is worth a visit.


Pedraza offers something different for those looking for history in Spain. It is a walled medieval town which has remained relatively intact in all the years it has stood. This kind of picturesque castle town is rare in Spain, yet it is hardly the busiest destination.

The town itself is full of old stone houses with picturesque balconies. The nightlife might not be what you’d get in a major city, but the restaurants are enough to please any foodie.

Spanish property for sale offers plenty of opportunities to experience the tourist areas for a glimpse of the real side of life in Spain. Whether you’re looking for Spanish property for sale to come to Spain permanently, or as a holiday retreat there are plenty of options available to you. A resort holiday can be a lot of fun, but if you decide you’d like to continue your time in the real Spain then you need to find Spanish property for sale in a town like these.

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