Reasons for Booking Directly with a Hotel

Although you will find third-party apps where you can book a hotel room when you travel, it is still best if you book directly with a hotel. In doing so, you will receive lots of advantages that you will not receive if you opt for third-party apps. These are some reasons why direct hotel booking will work for you.

No booking fees and commission

The problem with a third-party booking app is that you might have to pay a booking fee of about 10-25% of the original cost of the hotel room. You might not realise it because the amount is already a part of the total fees that you paid for. With direct hotel booking, you do not need to worry about commissions. The hotel will offer you a discounted price too.

Special request

If you are celebrating a milestone or a special event, you can inform the hotel about it. They might accept your special requests and offer you something more. With a third-party reservation, it is still possible for you to indicate your special requests, but do not expect them to reach the hotel.

Changes to the dates

Usually, hotels do not accept booking changes if you reserve via a third-party app. The hotel will redirect you to that app’s customer service representative where you can raise your concerns. You might have the chance to amend the booking but at a higher cost. Some third-party apps will also offer a rate that allows you to change booking details for free. The problem is that these rates are way higher than the regular ones.

No show fees

If you do not show up because of emergency reasons, you could ask the hotel to waive the cancellation fee. It is not the same as third-party apps. You might have to pay even if you have a valid reason to cancel.

Relocation to another hotel

It is standard practice for several hotels to overbook. They know that some guests will not show up and it is okay if they accept extra reservations. The problem is when everyone shows up. Some guests might have to move to a different hotel with comparable features. If you booked via third-party apps, you would be the first to go.

Full reservations

It is frustrating when you check the app and see that the hotel room you wish to book is not available on your chosen date. Before you get frustrated, you need to ask the hotel first. Perhaps, they still have other rooms, but they did not indicate the availability through the other apps. Some hotels might ask you to call again since they have to confirm the reservations made by other guests. If there are cancellations or change of plans, you will be the first to know. As long as you wait, you will soon have your room.

Given these reasons, it is best if you decide to book directly with a hotel. Check out if interested in booking one now.