Planning Your First Family Camping Trip

Camping is a fantastic way to spend time with your family. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature and to spend quality time together away from technology and the stresses of everyday life. Camping can also be significantly cheaper than other types of trip and offers a chance to learn essential skills which could benefit you and your children in other areas of life.

But, if you’ve never been camping before, or you’ve never been camping with your children, it can seem overwhelming. The idea of living without all of the coping mechanisms and distractions that you have at home, of feeding fussy eaters from a campfire or camping stove, and of sleeping on a floor with your family might be a bit much.

Below is a look at some of the best tips to help you to plan your first family camping trip.

Consider Staying Close to Home

Camping can be a glorious way to see more of the country, and even to travel to other countries. But it doesn’t have to be, and certainly not for your first time. There’s no reason why your adventure should go wrong, but traveling with kids is always a bit of a risk. Staying close to home means that there’s plenty of help and support available if you need it, as well as a quick escape.

Find the Right Tent

The tent is perhaps the most important part of camping. It’s your home for the duration of your trip. It needs to keep you safe and warm, but if you are staying in it with children, you might also want a bit of extra space. Read the Best camping tents: the complete camping guide for 2020 for some ideas on which tent is right for you.

Invest in Sleeping Bags

If you are camping in your back yard, you might be tempted just to throw some blankets and duvets in the tent and make do. If you are traveling away from home, you should invest in good sleeping bags that will keep you warm, whatever the weather.

Don’t Forget Lighting

We’ve all got a light on our phone nowadays, but you should still pack a brighter torch for nights in the tent. Remember, it can get very dark out of the city.

Consider Food

What are you going to eat while you are gone? Make sure you’ve got a camp stove, as well as plates, utensils, cutlery, and anything else that you need. Plan meals carefully, thinking about the things that your kids enjoy and don’t like.

Plan Some Activities

Camping is great, but you might want to plan some other activities to keep things interesting without tablets and TVs. Pack some fun outdoor toys, items like bats and balls, and maybe even fishing nets, and prepare a nature scavenger hunt.

Pack First Aid Supplies

Even if you are staying relatively close to home, packing a basic first aid kit with some essential supplies and child-safe medicines is a great idea.

When planning your camping trip, remember, the beauty of camping is its simplicity. If you’ve got a good tent, which offers protection from the elements and some sleeping bags, you are good to go. Don’t worry too much. Just get out there and enjoy it.