Macao, the Perfect Plan for a Day of Visit

We have traveled to the southeast coast of China, attracted by a strange mixture of luxury, history, casinos and colonial architecture, and where the official languages ​​are Portuguese and Cantonese. What a cocktail! To bet, browse, shop, walk or simply travel, Macau is a very interesting and easily accessible destination from Hong Kong (62 kilometers separate them). Next, we leave you a perfect plan for a day of visit. Macau is very famous for its casinos, but they are not the only reason to visit because anyone can play gambling easily through online platforms such as

Traveling to Macao is a different experience. Until 1999, not so long ago, Macao was still part of Portugal. In fact, it was the last remaining European colony in Asia. That year it gave sovereignty to China, to which it joined as a special administrative region; similar to what happened in Hong Kong two years before, after separating from the United Kingdom.

As we see in Google Maps, Macao (with almost 648,000 inhabitants) is formed by a peninsula and an island, connected with three long bridges over the sea. Until 2002, the island was not one, but two, Taipa and Coloane. However, on the channel that separated them began to raise casinos and hotels, creating a new area, known as Cotai.

How to get there from Hong Kong

Although Macao has an international airport, as a traveler, the most common is to arrive by ferry from Hong Kong. Depending on where you are in Hong Kong, you can leave one of these jetties (see the Google map to guide you):

From Kowloon, near Tsim Sha Tsui.
From the Central District, near Sheung Wan, on the island of Hong Kong.
From the Hong Kong International Airport.

And according to the order of your visit to Macao, you can choose two destinations:

The port of Macao, in the peninsula of Macao.
Or further south, the port of Taipa, on the island of Macao.

The two main ferry companies are TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet. If you intend to travel on weekends, you should buy the ticket in advance. Prices vary according to the chosen route, the day of the week and the company. Approximately, it lasts one hour.

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Not all areas of Macao are comfortable to walk, nor were they even planned for pedestrians. High temperatures and humidity do not help either, especially if time is limited to a one-day visit. So, there is no other option but to combine some walking with some means of transport. As we tell you next, in a day we will visit areas of the peninsula and the island of Macao. If the budget does not allow for taxis, in both ports of Macao there is a tourist office where you can get maps and information on which buses to take. But there is another alternative, much more intelligent and totally free: the shuttles (or buses) of the casinos.

The main casinos seek to attract customers through free buses that take you and bring you to the port, or between casinos of the same company, located in different locations in Macao. They do not need to be identified, it is enough to ask the destination, go up and move comfortably to the next point of the route.