John Engler Exposes Common New York Scams Tourists Need To Avoid

New York City is renowned for attracting people that have really big dreams and that want to make money. Entrepreneurs and capitalists joined forces to create one of the strongest financial centers in the entire world. However, because of this money-making spirit, Jonah Engler warns tourists that the number of street scams and fraud attempts in New York is much higher than the rest of the world.

The Superhero Shakedown

Tourists and locals alike love the colorful nature of the city. You can easily walk down the street and meet people dressed as your favorite movie characters, especially when in Times Square. You are naturally tempted to take a picture with them but it is much better that you do not do this. Many of these people dressed in superhero costumes have a really nasty streak. They will usually not try any type of fraud but they can become violent if they think they were not tipped enough. Unfortunately, this happens much more often than you would like to believe. That’s why it is better to avoid the superhero costumes in the first place, especially if you are traveling solo

Staten Island Ferry Charges

This is a really common fraud in New York City, one that is hard to stop because tourists are simply not informed. Most people that visit the city want to get on the ferry so they can visit the Statue Of Liberty. Because of the fact that there are always people around waiting to get on the ferry, scammers take advantage by selling tickets. There was even a report for a tourist pair that paid $400 for tickets. The problem is that riding the Staten Island ferry is free and has been so ever since 1997.

Restaurant Bill Scam

There are so many options for tourists that want to eat something tasty in New York but when you go to the really popular joints, especially in Times Square, you want to be careful with the bill. Restaurants like Olive Garden and Red Lobster have been known to add 2 gratuities on bills, especially when groups are large. It is very important that you are careful and that you triple check your bill to be sure you are not scammed. Servers need to tell you when gratuities are added, especially when they are added twice.

Pedicab Rip-Offs

An attractive way for tourists to tour Central Park or even mid-town Manhattan is through a cart that is towed by a bicycle. These pedicabs are not to be considered because of the fact the drivers are well-known for using pricing systems that are tricky, fees that are made-up and can get highly aggressive in the event you complain. In one case the driver charged $442 for a 10 minutes ride. This is actually more than how much you would pay for a New York City helicopter ride. If you decide you want to ride on a pedicab, keep in mind there are specific fees that are imposed by the authorities right now. However, it is always much better to opt for other transportation options.