Javier Burillo – Reasons to Fall in Love With Mexico

My buddy moved down to Mexico a few years ago, down to Monterrey in fact, where he really began to enjoy life there. I went down to meet him and see what life was like for him and I just didn’t really get swept away by the place, it felt very much like the southern US states like Florida. I appreciate that Mexico is a monstrous country and so that is why I was keen to go back and see more of it.

During my time in Monterrey I made friends with a guy called Javier Burillo, who I met in a record store. We got talking about records and stated in touch, some months later he invited me down to see him in Mexico City and so I thought why not, and headed down there. I have to say that this was a completely different experience for me and since then I have explored so much more of this fantastic country, and had an amazing time everywhere that I have been. If you are considering visiting Mexico then here is why I’d urge you to just that.


I already knew that Mexico had some of the best beaches and coastal resorts in the world but I had absolutely no idea that this nation has every type of landscape you could think of, it even has a ski resort! I must confess that the skiing here isn’t quite what you’d imagine, but apart from that you’ll find it all here. From desert to jungle, rainforest to urban metropolis, historic ruins to far-reaching planes. This country has it all.


I am well aware of what many people think about Mexico because of the crime issues which they have there and whilst I know that this is a reality in some areas of the country I honestly cannot stress enough just how incredible the people are here. Mexicans are warm and welcoming and they are a fiercely proud nation who cannot wait to show off their amazing country to you.


It would be plain foolish for me to write a list like this and not include the incredible Mexican food which you are going to find on your travels. It is important here to forget everything that you think you know about Mexican food because the truth is that the food differs wildly from state to state, and each has their own unique variation on certain types of cuisine. Forget Tex-Mex, here you will find the real deal.


Many of you will have heard about the ancient civilizations in Mexico and so much of the architecture and the historical sites are in great condition and make for the perfect place to spend your time and take a glimpse into the past. Each state and city has its own stories, and you are just going to fall in love with the ruins and the culture, much of which still continues today.

Next time you are looking for a holiday look no further than Mexico.