Famous LA Streets That Make You Love Driving

Many people are quick to complain about driving around Los Angeles. While there can be insane traffic during rush hour, the city is also home to some of the most beautiful streets in the country. With rich curves and fascinating streetscapes, you will be glad to drive through some gorgeous scenery on your way to work. Just make sure you pay attention to how you are driving or else you will get a red light ticket Los Angeles

Sixth Street

Sixth Street is an essential east-to-west shortcut in Los Angeles. In fact, it is so beautiful, it earned a shout out in the Randy Newman song “I Love L.A.” It takes you from just west of LACMA all the way to downtown, and you will get there far faster than if you were to take Wilshire. You will be able to see some huge mansions located in Hancock Park. At a certain point, trees line your gaze as you peruse Koreatown.

Wells Drive

If you want a gorgeous tour of the San Fernando Valley, then you need to take a trip along Wells Drive. It will take you through all of the new mansions located South of the Boulevard, and it makes for a lovely scenic drive. Although you may want to take a picture of your surroundings, you should be careful. Otherwise, you will need to hire a cell phone ticket attorney in the near future.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard runs for 22 miles and runs through most of Los Angeles’ geography. You can really see all of the culture the city has to offer. You will go through Echo Park and Pacific Palisades, which are only separated by a few miles but feel like totally different areas. You will drive through a lot of curves, some of which can be dangerous. You will want to watch out for the infamous “Dead Man’s Curve,” which is located near UCLA.

Pacific Coast Highway

Numerous people travel to L.A. for the sole purpose of seeing the ocean. There is no better way to enjoy the view than by driving along Pacific Coast Highway. This scenic drive provides for you the opportunity to enjoy some of the city’s inherent ridiculousness. From tourist traps to overcrowded parking lots, you will be sitting pretty inside your car while everyone else is fully engaged in the L.A. rat race. While the sea is beautiful, try to keep your eyes on the road, or you will need a traffic attorney Los Angeles soon.

Riverside Drive

Burbank is where you will find most of the big movie studios. For your own private tour, you can drive along Riverside Drive to go past Disney Studios. Do not be surprised if you find some people riding horses along this street. Stop off for a bite at Bob’s Big Boy, and you will feel like you have lived in L.A. your whole life.

Los Angeles is beautiful. However, the streets can be treacherous. As you take in the sights, make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. If you do get in trouble, then make sure you know where to find a reputable traffic ticket attorney.