Exploring Europe: Top 5 Destinations

Is it your dream to tour Europe and see all of the incredible local sights, from windmills in Holland to the Acropolis of Athens in Greece? If so, it is time to start planning your adventures! Here is a quick round-up of the top five destinations in Europe to add to your bucket list and why.


Greece is the ultimate vacation destination for those interested in ancient architecture. It is where you will find structures and sights like the Acropolis of Athens, the Parthenon, and more. If that is not enough to convince you to add Greece to your exotic tours Europe checklist, then the beaches will certainly help tip the scales. Greece is celebrated for its stunning, powdery shores and its pleasant weather all year-round. Sun worshippers should consider booking their stay at a hotel in Crete or Mykonos.


Holland — The Netherlands — is such an underrated vacation destination in Europe. It has so much to offer tourists from far and wide, including a vibrant and eccentric capital city (Amsterdam), gorgeous, brightly colored villages and towns, and the Dutch Waddeneilanden, which are islands located in the North Sea. Don’t forget to visit the traditional Dutch windmills for the perfect Instagram photo opportunity.


Boasting a culture just as rich as its history, Russia promises access to a number of must-sees and must-dos for both newbie and seasoned travelers alike. Think jaw-dropping religious sites in the form of the Russian Orthodox Church and the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. You will also have your pick of impressive art and museums, with favorites being the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.


Did you know that Turkey welcomes well over 30 million tourists each and every year? There are many reasons for this. For starters, Turkey boasts all of the most sought-after features of a memorable vacation. That includes beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and mouth-watering food. In fact, it’s the Turkish cuisine that really has tongues wagging when it comes to this destination. You can expect to tuck into abundant breakfast spreads, fresh seafood, decadent baklava, and vegetarian creations galore.


Romania is a place with an abundance of untouched nature, along with a myriad of stunning architecture too. The Bigar Waterfall is a top attraction and one of the country’s most awe-inspiring sights. The trickling waters cascade over a rounded carpet of moss. The result is simply magical, hence the reason why the locals refer to it as “the miracle from the Minis Canyon”. Speaking of moss, Romania is rather famous for it. You can take in additional moss-covered majesty in the form of The Moss Swamp. The mysterious wonder is extremely difficult to find (it’s not yet accessible via Google Maps), so you might have to chat to some locals for directions. Catching sight of this natural marvel will be well worth the effort, though!

Now that you know where in Europe to travel, you can start looking forward to your getaway. Make the most of it!