Essential Questions About Your Next Motorcycle Trip

A motorcycle is a beautiful vehicle to own. It’s perfect for short convenient trips and day-long rides. They’re also perfect for taking an unforgettable road trip and, if you’re planning a motorcycle road trip, it’s going to be really special. You also have some work ahead of you, though. Great planning is the key to a great vacation and there are some crucial questions that you need to ask yourself before hitting the road.

Where are you going?

Let’s start with the obvious: Where will your motorcycle trip take you? Hitting the open road is always a joy, but the freewheeling spirit of motorcycle rides doesn’t have to mean that you’re playing things by ear. In fact, that may not be a good idea. If you don’t plan out where you’re going ahead of time, you’re likely to be disappointed by where you end up.

An important thing to consider as you do this is the nature of your trip. You’re taking a motorcycle road trip, and that sort of trip is best suited to destinations with lots of roadside sights. National Parks are great choices. Virtually all of them have scenic highways that are motorcycle-friendly. Historic areas are wonderful options, too, point out the experts in Henry County, Georgia — a place where, as their slogan says, “history has a name.”

Where will you stop?

It’s a joy to ride a motorcycle, but it can also really wear you out. You don’t want to plan out a vacation that will require you to spend too much time on the road. That could be boring at best and, at worst, recklessly dangerous.

With that, be conservative as you plan out the legs of your trip. Come up with some backup plans by picking out campsites and motels that are a little closer or a little further to each of your planned nightly stops. That way you can play it by ear if you want. Be sure to have some reservations organized to stop at each night so that you don’t find yourself forced to forge on longer than you otherwise would. And, if you’re less experienced, It may also help to take some practice rides and get used to riding for long periods of time.

Is your motorcycle ready?

You may be ready to hit the road and enjoy your great vacation, but what about your motorcycle? If your bike is not in tip-top shape, your big road trip could become a dangerous thing. In the days and weeks before your vacation, you should be checking in with your trusted motorcycle mechanic and making sure that your bike is up-to-date with all maintenance and repair needs. Now is also a good time to replace some things: tires for motorcycles, as well as other parts, are always going to be more reliable when they’re relatively new. It makes sense to upgrade them right before a big trip.

It may also be a good idea to scope out the locations of motorcycle mechanics along your planned route. Hopefully, you won’t need them. If you do, however, it’ll pay to know where they are!

Who will you call in the event of an emergency?

Your vacation should be fun, safe, and free of anxiety. Of course, there’s always still a chance that something will go wrong. With that in mind, you should know who you’re going to call if your motorcycle breaks down, you get into a crash, your hotel reservation gets lost, and any and all other possible obstacles.

Keep emergency contact information in your phone as well as in your wallet. Write the numbers out so that others can call for you in the event that you need the help. And keep numbers for services like roadside assistance and hotel arrangements handy, too. If something derails your trip, you’ll want to be as safe as possible.