Discover the Fantastic Eastern European City – Bratislava Step by Step

Bratislava is a charming and flamboyant capital city of Slovakia. On one side we have the beautiful river Danube and on the other the Little Carpathians mountains. Bratislava is small but a compacted city having everything a typical European town has.

From beautiful cobblestone streets, palaces and churches to quirky statues and rich nightlife scene perfect for an amazing Bratislava bachelor party celebration. Get to meet the lively city of Bratislava step by step.

Old Town

Every city in Europe has its own distinctive Old Town district. They are called this way because back in the day this was the number one place of everyday happenings. All of the important political debates, public executions (which was a normal sight), and the place where people gathered in general. It can be said that this kind of energy has stayed even today – except for the public executions of course.

Today this a historical district characterized by European narrow cobblestone streets, Gothic architecture, and a lot of palaces. It has also become tourist heaven in a way because the atmosphere of the city is compacted right in the Old Town. This district is quite small, you’ll be able to walk through it in a short time. But you’ll probably wander around a lot more in hopes of finding the perfect cafe in which you can enjoy your stay.

Here you will also see The Old Town Hall which serves today as the Museum of Bratislava’s History. This is also the perfect place to take a panoramic picture. You can climb up to the Museum’s tower. It’s a short climb and the entrance is only 5 euros.

Kapitulska Street

This is the street just outside the Old Town district. Strolling through this beautiful historical cobblestone street will take you to another time. Maybe you’ll even get the feeling of some distant memories because of the rich history this street has. How many people have walked and lived in this street. And every single one of them has left something behind.

No wonder the energy is so othertimley. Kapitulska street is very quiet and a little mysterious. It’s characterized by cobblestone medieval street lines and beautiful old buildings. They have definitely seen better days, but this rustic facade will bring you all the feelings that were mentioned before.

Bratislava Castle

As it was mentioned before Europe is full of magnificent medieval castles. And Bratislava also has a few nice castles to be proud of. This was, of course, the former seat of rules. Today it also serves as a Museum of History.

The Castle is really unique. It’s completely white except for the golden brown rooftops which make it look like a crown of sorts. It stands above the Danube river and on a rocky hill of Little Carpathians.

Primate’s Palace

You can find this beautiful neoclassical building in the Old Town district. The perfect example of European architecture. It was built in the 18th century and this is where Napoleon signed the Peace of Pressburg document.

The inside of the building exhibits a gallery of a unique collection of six English tapestries dating from the 17th century. It also serves as the seat of the Mayor of Bratislava. Being in the Old Town you definitely won’t miss it.

Grassalkovich Palace

Grassalkovich Palace is a summer rococo palace dating from the 18th century. This is also a typically European place. The novelty of the time used to gather here to have some summer fun. After all, they were also people. Everyone wh side has a small tower. It actually kind of resembles a rectangular crown when you think ao was someone was invited to the summer party. Even the famous composer Joseph Haydn performed here several times.

Today it serves as the seat of the President of the Slovak Republic. The palace is surrounded by beautiful green gardens which are open to the public. So you can just sit here and relax for a moment and enjoy the view of the picturesque fountain that lies in front of the palace.

Blue Church

This is something that isn’t quite typical anywhere. We are used to seeing ancient churches which are usually characterized by white or golden yellow bricks. But this one is blue just like the name of the church.

The full name of this place of worship is St. Elizabeth church. It was built in the Art Nouveau architectural style, painted with baby blue color and a lot of attention to detail with often use of mosaic. It’s a popular place for weddings and baptizing.


Slavin is a massive and actually the largest war memorial in Central Europe. It is 52 meters long and can be seen from almost any place in the city. It is situated on a hill overlooking the castle. This is also the place where the fallen soldiers of WWII are buried.

It is a great place for tourists because it has a spectacular view of the city. The area around Slavin is also a perfect place for a walk. This monument is situated in a wealthy district of the city so you’ll be able to see a lot of beautiful buildings from the Austro-Hungarian architecture and Slovak nouveau riche.


An unidentified flying object in Bratislava? Well sort of. The so-called UFO tower is situated on the SNP bridge. It’s called this way because it actually looks like a flying alien saucer. The bridge and the tower are located on the southern bank of the Danube river.

This place is particularly interesting because on a clear day not only can you have the full panoramic experience of Bratislava but also of Austria and Hungary! You don’t have to hurry and see everything all at once, there is a restaurant and a bar so you can enjoy the view without any time limits.


These are perfect for your Instagram shots. Or if you’re not a particular fan of social media platform just for your enjoyment. These statues are really quirky. In Hviezdoslavovo Square you will find the statue of everyone’s favorite childhood author Hans Christian Andersen.

Napoleon’s army soldier is located in the main square. He is leaning on a bench and quietly listening to what you have to say. And Cumil aka Man at Work – is a statue of a man leaning from a sewer. It is located on the corner of Panska and Rybarska brana.


Not only does Bratislava have a lot of beautiful buildings and places it also has a bombing night scene. The party starts at around 10 pm and lasts until the sun rises. Which is absolutely perfect for all of the lover of the night, good music and great drinks. Whatever your musical preference is you’ll surely find something that will satisfy your taste.

Some of the more prominent clubs are Subclub, which is a legendary underground nightclub which used to be WWII nuclear bunker. The music ranges from techno and minimal to DnB and Neurofunk. Nu Spirit Bar & Lounge is one of the busiest clubs out there – the music ranges from jazz to hip-hop. Trafo Music Bar is located in the heart of the pedestrian street which used to be an 18th-century palace. The music ranges from commercial to techno.