Amazing Places You Cannot Miss in Kochi


There are so many amazing places to go to if you want to explore new destinations. You can easily come across manifold spots that are not just relaxing and stunning but also full of enjoyment and fun. Have you ever gone to Kochi? You have no idea how amazing spots are there in the realm of this place.

You know, Kochi is definitely an exquisite halting destination to unwind amidst its posh and lovely environment. Touring in Kochi is going to leave you awestruck from the backwaters to splendid beaches to hill stations; this south state radian’salong with emerald green glow and staggering palm trees. This scenic destination of Kochi is finest described as generous and beautiful because of its rich flora and fauna. Once you are there, you can explore so many amazing spots. You can book your rooms in Ibis Kochi city centre and ensure a comfortable stay for your trip.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is situated on the northern side of Kochi. It is a peaceful beach in which people come to relax and experience a fun time with friends and family. In fact, so many people visit here to swim against the backdrop of coconut groves. The destination even offers you a wonderful view of the Chinese Fishing Nets. There are manifold huts on this beach where you can enjoy the cuisine of your choice after refreshing lovely swim. Dolphin spotting can also be experienced on this beach. Several new resorts, as well as hotels, have come up in this area. You can even indulge in some thrilling water sports here. So, if you have never been to this spot, you must go now.

Fort Kochi Beach,

This delightful fort is known for its British, Dutch, and even Portuguese architecture. You will get to see huge bamboo fishing nets at this Fort Kochi Beach. The spot has a tranquil feel and this is the reason why various types of tourists and local people visit it. Numerous eateries and cafes are spotted in the vicinity, so you can conveniently sit and enjoy some nice time with friends and family. The area has a rucksack feel and you will just simply fall in love with the cozy cafes that line the entire street. Manifold other attractions are located quite nearby, so it would not be a bad idea to visit them too. You surely will have a fulfilling in this area. Experience

Chottanikkara Temple

It is the temple of the mother goddess Bhagavati. The goddess is popular to be present inside the temple in the shape of Mahalakshmi. She is believed to cure the fans of all their problems. It is one of the most well-known Hindu temples in the state. The area where this temple is situated, was once a quite thick jungle. This temple is considered to cure mental illness and even that of evil spirits. The patients are offered lime, neem, and chilies from the temple and this is believed to ward off evil spirits. There is this Thiruvonam festival that is much celebrated in this temple with so much of fanfare. You can consider it like a huge feast.

Ernakulathappan Temple

If you are a religious kind of person then you surely are going to like this spot too. It is a well-known and adored ancient Shiva Temple situated in the center area of Kochi. This temple is situated within the premises of Durbar Hall Ground. The temple is built over approximately 1acre area of land. Folks from far and wide come to visit this amazing temple. Various poojas are organized and performed at this spot. The pooja techniques that are carried out here are standardized by Villawamangalathu Swamiyar. Devotees that visit to this temple to offer their prayers are known to achieve the ultimate ‘ Moksha’ in life. Shiva is considered to be present in his purest form in the temple, and it is the reason people mass this place in large numbers.

Hill Palace,

Now it is the hugest archaeological museum that is situated in the state of Kerala. It was built in 1865. It was the official residence of Maharaja of Cochin. It even served as the imperial administrative office. The palace includes 49 buildings. It is spread across an area of nearly 54 acres. It demonstrates the conventional style of architecture. There is also a children’s park situated inside the palace. The entry charge for adults is INR 30 and that of children is INR 10. Manifold things that can be seen within the palace are murals, sculptures, oil paintings, and the different belongings of the regal family of Kochi.

Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi

One of the oldest and chief attractions among Kochi tourist places, the Santa Cruz Basilica, was built by the Portuguese in the year 1505 and is one of the eight Basilicas in India. It now stands as the Cathedral of the Diocese of Cochin. The stunning Gothic architecture of the church, more than five hundred years old, has a specific type of splendour owing to its light-coloured interior and paintings of historical significance. The Italian painter Antonio Moscheni along with his disciple De Gama of Bangalore were the power behind this. Here, a painting you must surely look out for is Moscheni’s imitation of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’, . It would be a sight you are never going to forget. You surely are going to have a great time here.

And you know this is a church that is visited by people from all faiths and groups. The splendid woodwork and immersive altar are a couple of sights that you would not come across in any church throughout the country. So, when you are in Kochi, you cannot simply miss out on this amazing spot.


So, does your booking in Ibis Kochi city centre for your stay over and ensure that you have a refreshing and uplifting experience trip in Kochi. No matter you are travelling alone, you want to go for a trip with your spouse, your family, or friends; you will get a good time in Kochi.