6 Secrets to Staying Comfortable on a Long-Haul Flight

Long haul flights are the key to travelling across the world, but they can also be uncomfortable and challenging to get through. Many people dread flights which are longer than a few hours, and if you’ve ever travelled long-haul, it’s not difficult to see why. If you’re about to embark on a long flight and you’re wondering what might help you stay more comfortable, here are some of the secrets you should know.

There are Several Ways to Upgrade Your Flight

Upgrading your flight doesn’t have to come at the cost of a first-class ticket. There are several ways you can upgrade your flight so that it’s more comfortable. For example, consider paying extra for a seat with extra leg room, or invest in premium economy for particularly long flights. Try your luck at getting a free upgrade, although this is very rarely successful.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

If there’s ever a time you will want to wear comfortable clothing, being on a long-haul flight is definitely up there. If you don’t already have an outfit that you will be completely comfortable wearing for several hours sitting on a plane, plan ahead and find something suitable. Check out plus size clothing UK or other tailored clothing to find items which are cosy and comfortable and allow you to relax while flying.

Choose Your Seat Carefully

Even if you normally choose the same seat when flying, consider this carefully for long haul flights. While a window seat might be your preferred choice normally, it could mean that you end up stuck next to someone for a long time – especially if they fall asleep – before being able to move out of your seat. Aisle seats are not the best choice if you plan to sleep a lot, since you might be disturbed by your fellow passengers who want to move.

Pack Light

Put as much as you can into your main baggage and keep only the essentials with you on board. This will make it easier to have more leg room and space around you, and will prevent you from having to move things in and out of the overhead luggage compartments.

Bring Accessories

While you will be offered accessories like headphones and eye masks on a long-haul flight, plan ahead and bring your own items for extra comfort. Complimentary headphones, for example, are rarely loud enough to be heard over the sound of the plane, while other accessories like blankets or eye masks may not be suitable to individual taste.

Look After Yourself

Cracking open a complimentary bottle of wine once the plane is in the air might seem like a great idea to make the flight more bearable, but it will come at a cost to your health. Stay hydrated, moisturise mid-way through the flight, and eat regularly (take your own snacks on board if you don’t like the food served on planes).

Staying comfortable is often first and foremost in travellers’ minds, and with some careful planning, there are many things you can do to stay comfortable while on a long-haul flight.