5-day Ultimate Getaway in Zante, Greece

The secret Greek spot that is truly a must-visit

I have always dreamt of visiting Greece; it is one of the places I’ve been dying to write in my “been to” list. I can’t count how many times I have imagined myself exploring those whitewashed villages, staying at one of those gorgeous Greek villas, trying out the local fare, and riding those cute donkeys! So why haven’t I visited, you may ask? Well, as cliché as it sounds, I couldn’t find the time. But as they say, good things come to those who wait, and the perfect opportunity came to me when my best friend from college sent me an invitation to attend her wedding in Greece last August! It was the most romantic event I have ever witnessed, and thanks to their Greek wedding planner (I wouldn’t pass up an insider tip), I was able to squeeze in a visit to Zante.

A little background to those who aren’t familiar with the place – it is an island off the coast of the Ionian Sea, home to stunning scenery and equally lovely Zante accommodation. Stayed there with a couple of friends for five days and I can totally say that it is one of the most awesome vacations I have ever been to. Curious how we spent those five days? I have summarized the trip below.

DAY 1: Checked in at the villa — yes, villa!

Go big or go home, right? After checking out multiple options, we have chosen a private accommodation called Artina Villa, a luxurious property with a spectacular view of the Ionian Sea. I instantly fell in love with the place! It’s spacious and modern, yet close to nature, with its well-kept lawn and lush trees and greens. We requested for a private chef and indulged until our tummies were full. Plus, a well-stocked outdoor bar! It truly is the villa of my dreams.

Artina Villa has a private pool and a tennis court, too – which were absolute treats!

DAY 2: Explored paradise

With the help of the Artina Villa’s friendly staff, we were able to explore the island via our own cool and comfortable yacht! Our sleek transportation enabled us to do various activities and cruise area to area – from Shipwreck Beach to Blue Caves, to Marathonisi — easily and hassle-free. We got to snorkel with some turtles, too! There’s also food on board so we didn’t go hungry. Went back to our villa tired yet satisfied. Ended the day with a soothing body massage.

DAY 3: Chased the Zante sunset

Nothing comes close to the beauty of the Greek sunset that’s why we had to find the perfect spot to witness it. We made reservations at a Zante tavern with a nice view and enjoyed a feast of the freshest seafood and Greek cuisine over a bottle of local wine.

We went back at Artina Villa and took a dip at the heated pool before turning in for the day.

DAY 4: Went on a cultural immersion

This is probably one of my favorite things we did while in Zante – getting a taste of the local culture. We went to the capital town to check out their unique Venetian architecture as well as some of the churches, museums, and bell towers. We enrolled for a short cooking lesson of Zante cuisine, too!

We really appreciated interacting with the locals, in awe of how nice and helpful they were. We loved their relaxed and laid-back day to day lives.

DAY 5: Shopping galore!

We couldn’t leave Zante without shopping for goodies to take back home. Got myself dried currants, a couple bottles of olive oil, sweets like mandolato or nougat, and a jar of honey. Everything’s delicious!

After all the purchases, we went back to our Greek Island villa happy and already planning our trip back.