4 Exciting Outdoor Excursions You Should Consider

As time continues to flow, technology continues to make advancements that keep families inside more and more with each invention. Kids today are growing up with gaming systems, smartphones, tablets, and other technology that their parents never experienced in their childhood.

While technology is a great thing and has its place, the more that is invented, the less kids and their families get out into the real world and participate in outdoorsy activities. In this article, you’ll find a few exciting outdoorsy adventures that you can try as a family to get you out more and cooped up inside with technology less.

1. Take a cruise.


If you’re an avid water lover, then introduce your kids to the ocean the right way by booking a cruise through Vilamoura boat hire at Vilamoura Marina. Whether you’re taking a yacht to Vilamoura, or a boat rental to a cave in Algarve, there’s something super exciting about standing on the bow of a yacht or any other boat and watching the water rush by behind you. You kids will love the Algarve Coast, and you can experience a timeless moment together when they see the dolphins jump out of the water. You can even get a little educational time in by teaching them about the rock formations along the Algarve Coastline.

2. Take a camping trip.


There’s nothing like a night of camping out under the stars. You and your family get to enjoy the great outdoors while eating food that you probably wouldn’t fix at home. From smores to hot dogs and from chips to trail mix, there’s a lot to be said for camping when you’re doing it as a family.

Don’t forget to order those 4×4 rims you have been wanting for your Jeep so that you won’t have a problem getting back in swamps or up the mountain that you’ve decided to have your camping trip on. Once again, you can make camping an educational experience as well. Teach your kids how to put up a tent, how to fish, and all about outdoor safety during your trip. Once the day is done, build a fire, sit around the campsite, and teach them about the brilliant stars in the sky overhead.

3. Take them rock climbing.


Rock climbing is another exciting outdoorsy adventure you can have with your kids. However, it’s best if you have a lot of experience in rock climbing yourself before you bring your kids on this type of adventure. Rock climbing does require quite a bit of equipment to get started, so it’s not something that you want to be a “one and done” activity for your family.

While you can go rock climbing with older kids, it’s best to save that for the little ones in your family until later on. An alternative to outdoor rock climbing, if you’re an avid climber and can’t wait to teach your little ones, is to take them to an indoor rock climbing center that has careful supervision and high safety standards.

4. Take them water tubing.


One thing that most kids have in common is that they love to splash around in the water. If you’re having a hard time getting your kids away from their electronic devices long enough to do the outdoorsy activities above, take them water tubing instead. Water tubing isn’t complicated and accommodates all skill levels and ages. Of course, you’re going to still need to be there to supervise them, but that’s the point of doing these outdoor activities together to begin with.

These are just a few of the best outdoorsy ideas that you can do as a family to get away from technology for a while. Remember, have fun and be safe out there.