4 Amazing Places To Visit in Sri Lanka

When we talk about the places we must visit once in our lifetime, Srilanka comes on the top of the list. This may be a small island, but have innumerable beautiful places to visit. There are several travel agencies that provide travel packages for Srilanka. There are plenty of websites now that are offering great deals on Srilanka tour package from Dubai, Ireland, USA, and anywhere. Here, we are giving a list of places that you must visit in Srilanka and should include in your package.


One can assume the beauty of this place by the location. This old city is situated on a plateau that is named Lion’s Rock as one can see the jungle from the top of it. This is a 180-meter high plateau. You can reach the place through stairs. Apart from this, Sigiriya has ponds, gardens, and fountains which make it cooler and attracts a lot of tourists. The local people consider it as the eighth wonder of the world. This was originally a monastery and later on, was converted as the residence for the royal people. It is assumed that this was built in the 3rd century BC. People having an interest in archeology and visiting Sri Lanka should keep this place on the top of their list.


People come to Galle for its ancient fort made by Dutch colonists. This fort was made in the 17th century. The fort is popularly known for its special architectural style and its gateway that faces the Indian Ocean. One-third of the people living in this place are foreigners. This city is becoming more popular as it is becoming a sort of Arts community. Apart from this fort, another point of attraction is the natural harbor that is located very closely, the oldest lighthouse of Srilanka, a maritime museum and a Shiva temple.


It’s not possible that someone has heard about Srilanka’s must-visit places and do not know about Kandy. This place is important from the geographical point of view also as this is the second largest city of Srilanka. The most beautiful thing you will encounter while driving from Colombo is the serene view of the rubber plantations. Kandy has numerous temples of tooth relic which is the most important place for Buddhists. This city was the capital of Srilanka once. This place is also important for those who love to watch movies as movies like Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom was shot here.


This city is not in the best of its positions and one can find only the remains of this city. The beauty of this city lies in that ruined parts. This was once called the garden city. This was the spot where the foreign traders used to meet the local worshipers. It is ideal to start the journey of this place from the archeological museum and then towards the royal palace where one can find the nicely preserved audience hall. This palace has 50 buildings altogether.

So, these were few must-visit places in Srilanka that you should include in a travel package right now.