3 Ideas for Fun-Filled Family Vacations

Considering how many families’ travel plans were forced to be put on hold this year, there is no doubt that you will be itching to give your loved ones a vacation to remember as soon as possible! If you are unsure about where to go or what to do, here are three excellent ideas to help inspire you while you plan.

African Safari

There are few vacations quite as magical as those that take place in Africa. Whether you are exploring the vineyards of the Western Cape in South Africa or experiencing the gorgeous desert landscapes of Namibia, Africa is truly a wonderland that no adult or child will be quick to forget. However, if you are interested in visiting Africa, there is one specific type of holiday that you cannot veer away from — a safari vacation.

Think weeks spent in the African bushveld surrounded by nothing but the sound of wild animals calling to one another or splashing about in a nearby lake. Enjoy heart-thumping game drives under the watchful eye of a safari guide and admire the ‘big 5’ roaming around in their natural habitats. Talk about getting up close with nature!

Just be sure to book your getaway to take place during the fall or winter months (March-August) if you want to avoid the extreme summer temperatures.

Skiing in Switzerland

A skiing vacation is a great idea for families of all sizes — even if your children are still quite young. Did you know that ski school can commence from as early as when your kids are 2.5 years old?

So, get your family’s ski gear ready and head on over to Switzerland for an exciting, snow-filled holiday. Try to keep an eye out for family-friendly resorts as these will often have special facilities available for the children, as well as a few safer slopes for young beginners. The leading family ski resorts in Switzerland include:

  • Klosters
  • Wengen
  • Davos
  • Saas Fee
  • Murren

Don’t forget to invest in good quality ski gear, especially ski jackets, before your trip. The best jackets tend to have a polyester or a fleece shell and a nylon or taffeta lining for maximum warmth no matter what the weather brings. It is also important to make sure that the jacket is waterproof (for obvious reasons) and lightweight so that it does not hinder your mobility.

Fishing in California

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a laid-back family fishing trip. This is also a lovely idea if you want to stay closer to home or you are planning a vacation on a tight budget. California, and Mammoth Lakes, in particular, is the perfect spot for a memorable fishing getaway. Savor the views of the snow-capped mountains which envelop the waters all the way around and allow yourself plenty of time to explore the dozens of lakes in the area. It is celebrated for being one of the best trout fishing spots in all of North America!

Here’s to a wonderful vacation that will prove to have been well worth the wait.