When Do You Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are information technology solutions usually offered at a flat rate along with unlimited IT support and the continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure and workstations. They are generally meant to serve as an all-inclusive type of service, wherein IT professionals don’t work on an hourly rate or a per-problem-solved basis. If you are a mom trying to start a business, managed IT is unlikely to be one of the first things you would have in mind.

However, you may want to consider these services as you grow your business over time. With your commercial venture proving to be a success, there will come a time you would need someone else to handle your IT needs.

The need for managed IT services

As mentioned, managed IT entails the relegation of virtually all IT services to a third party like Omicron Solutions Ltd, which offers various solutions including IT support, helpdesk, documentation, data security management, malware protection, cybercrime prevention, and disaster recovery. So when will your start-up venture come to the point that it will require these services? Arguably, you have good use for them right from the start. However, having them may not be a cost-efficient thing to do.

This is not to say that managed IT services are not for small businesses or start-up operations. There are many SMEs that employ such IT solutions. Some even use them from the get-go, since they don’t have plans of training their own IT team. They rely on third parties for the expertise and experience in properly handling the different aspects of information technology. Many of them have become successful with the setup.

Still, there are those who don’t have the resources to spare for high-quality, managed IT services. If they are barely breaking even with only their basic operating expenses to worry about, hiring IT services would be far from viable. For them, it’s a luxury they can forgo without hesitation. They can make do with whatever they have for their IT requirements.

Managed IT advantages

The benefits of hiring a third party to address your IT needs are undeniable. For one, it eliminates the need to train your own IT team and the acquisition of IT equipment. There’s no need to worry about getting more office space for the new employees and the equipment they will be using. The business also avoids the payment of employee benefits and bonuses, training expenses, storage costs, and depreciation. Moreover, software costs and updates are the responsibility of the managed IT service provider.

Managed IT services provide palpable benefits to businesses. However, deciding on the right time to use them is a matter best left to the business owner or manager. Many factors need to be taken into account. Some companies can include them as part of their operational plan from the beginning, but others may have to adopt them as a solution for their growing IT needs later on when they are already profitable or thriving.