When Do You Know It is Cost-Effective to Give Free Promotional Merchandise


When giving out free items, you are spending money from your profits without asking for money from the recipients. You might think it is impractical since you could end up spending a lot to purchase these items. If you intend to give them away in bulk, the amount could put a dent in your profit.

Before you worry about not getting anything in return, you need to understand that the items you are giving away are promotional merchandise. It means that you are using them to promote your business. They bear the name and logo of your company.

Anyone who receives one of these items will be glad to get it for free. You might convince that person to be among your loyal customers. Furthermore, when these people use the items elsewhere, the other people in the area might also see the name and logo of your company.

Given this dynamic, it is still a cost-effective investment. You might not ask these recipients to pay for the items they receive, but you are making them your brand ambassadors the moment they start using the things. Of course, you do not pressure them into using those items, but if they do, they are helping spread awareness about your business.

Finding the perfect time

The best time to give out these free items is during the holiday season. It is the time of year when everyone is in the mood to have fun and celebrate. It is also a time when people expect to receive a present, and they will appreciate receiving one from an unexpected source. There are also those who work hard and try their best to give their loved ones a present even if they do not receive anything in return. Giving them free items is something that they will cherish.

If you are giving away useful items like school supplies, you need to do so at the beginning of the school year. Whether you are giving pens, pencils, or cups, you will be helping most parents reduce one of their expenses. They will appreciate your effort to help them when they have a hard time living within their budget. Therefore, when it is time for them to buy things in the future, they will prioritise your brand.

Improving your image

The best part of giving away free stuff is that you are enhancing your reputation among people. They will see you as a company that does not have second thoughts about giving to others even if you do not get anything back. In an age where most companies only care about profits, you need to stand out by offering something for free.

Besides, loyal customers have helped you thrive as a business. It is time for you to return the favour by handing out free merchandise. You are also not spending a lot of money to purchase these items, so it is not a big deal.

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