What is the Best Smart Phone Device to Start With?

Have you been thinking about getting on the smart home train? If so, welcome aboard. Data cited in the fall of 2019 shows that smart home devices have made their way into the majority of U.S. homes. Some 69% of all households now have at least one smart home device. The fact that you are not yet on board means you are in the minority.

Making the decision to embrace smart home technology is just the beginning. Now you have to decide where to start. The question is this: is there one particular device that is best for those new to the whole smart home thing? No. Getting started is a matter of personal preference.

The Smart Thermostat

Some homeowners introduced themselves to smart home technology by starting with a thermostat. This strategy makes sense. Thermostats are generally considered innocuous devices that do not require a whole lot of effort. As the thinking goes, you can install a smart thermostat and take as much time as you need to learn how to make it function. In the meantime, you can always control it manually.

Today’s smart thermostats are not merely programmable devices. They can actually ‘learn’ your lifestyle and schedule thanks to built-in artificial intelligence. Learning allows a smart thermostat to self-adjust.

According to a study cited by AI & IoT Daily, 29% of U.S. households plan to invest in a smart thermostat this year. You will be in good company if you decide to make your thermostat the starting point for your entry into smart homes.

Smart Speakers

Other homeowners were introduced to the world of smart homes through their smart speaker devices. A sizable percentage of them obtained their devices from the same companies that provided their television and internet service. Though you could do the same thing, you could also invest in a smart speaker completely separate from your cable and internet provider.

A smart speaker can do a lot of things for you. As a standalone device, it can provide access to the internet via voice command. A smart speaker can read you the news and report on your favorite sports teams. It can tell you the current weather and forecast. You can even use your smart speaker to make phone calls and send text messages.

If you are looking for more, most smart speakers can also act as home automation hubs. Set up your system with the right hardware and you can use voice commands to do everything from turning the lights off to locking the doors. A good smart speaker is essentially an all-in-one home automation device.

Smart Door Locks

If you own rental properties in a tourist heavy city, you might want to start your foray into smart homes with smart door locks. These are electronic door locks that can be accessed remotely. They are also keyless. That is what makes them ideal for rental properties.

A smart door lock is accessed via a programmable code. When you want to open the door, you punch in the code using the keypad and away you go. More importantly, you can access a smart door lock remotely using a mobile phone. This allows you to lock and unlock the doors without having to be on site.

Car Guard Systems

Maybe you are looking at smart home technology for security purposes. If so, one of the hottest new technologies right now is the car guard system. Vivint Home Security is one of a small number of companies offering this technology.

Vivint’s car guard system is like a remote monitoring system for your car. You install a small device in the car and then monitor that device with your phone. The system informs you whenever your vehicle is moved or bumped. It can alert you to the fact that you need fuel. The best systems can even diagnose mechanical problems and track your driving habits.

Is there a best device to introduce beginners to smart home technology? No, not really. There are multiple devices more than capable of helping beginners get started. Deciding is really just a matter of personal preference. Whether you choose a smart thermostat or something else, it is all good.