Top Tips for Aspiring Radiologic Technologists

It is easy to see why so many people pursue a career in healthcare and one job, which is becoming increasingly popular, is a radiologic technologist. This is an incredibly important role in modern healthcare involving the imaging of human anatomy for diagnosis and treatment of pathology. While they do not interpret these images, they do make sure that imaging is clear enough and will work closely with patients to make sure that they are comfortable, so in such an important role, it is helpful to be aware of a few tips which will help you to excel in your job.

Take an Online Course

You can take a Radiologic Technologist degree at Marian University which allows you to complete your bachelor’s in under two years and provide the chance to develop your critical thinking, management and communication skills. This is all on an entirely online course, which makes it much easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Treat Experience in Clinical Settings as a Job

When you are studying to become a radiologic technologist, you will need to treat your experience in clinical settings as a job and not as study – think of it as an extended job interview. You will be learning on the job, but when you are in the field, you need to demonstrate that you are capable of working in this environment and build your confidence. Employers look at dependability as a core asset of a radiologic technologist so small things like showing up on time, getting along with co-workers, maintaining professionalism, and performing to a high standard each day are key.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are often overlooked when it comes to being a radiologic technologist, but you will constantly be communicating with your colleagues, doctors, and patients. It is very important that you can help people to feel calm when they are being X-rayed, so you need to have good interpersonal skills and know how to communicate with different types of people.

Start Professional Networking as Soon as Possible

As with most areas, networking is hugely important in this field, and the sooner that you start the better. Networking while you are studying will help you to create a name for yourself and you might make contacts that could hire you, provide a reference or pass your name on to someone that is looking for a radiologic technologist.

Find Ways to Stand Out

It is easier said than done, but this is a field which is competitive, so you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd when everyone has similar qualifications and experience. This could include things like community service, gaining relevant work experience, staying current with industry news and developments and learning how to present yourself effectively.

Working as a radiologic technologist is highly rewarding and a key role in modern healthcare. It is also a field which is competitive and can be hard to excel, but these tips will hopefully help you to stand out from the crowd, develop relevant experience and embark on a rewarding career path.