The Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Over time, there have been massive improvements in the applications of modern technology. Some of the best uses of technology pertaining to digital marketing. To gain the most out of digital marketing, finding a well-reviewed digital marketing agency is highly critical.

Take a look at some of the latest digital marketing trends of 2021 that have boosted the performance of thousands of businesses. With the help of the right agency, you can become a part of those trends.

2021 Digital Marketing Trends

Did you know that during 2020, US businesses spent nearly $356 billion on digital advertising/marketing? And these figures are expected to rise sometime in the future. Hence, you should know that digital marketing cannot be ignored if you wish for your business to be competitive and grow in today’s highly-saturated markets.

Development of Website Chatbots

Now, you may have already encountered chatbots on other websites that you use for personal and business needs. However, did you notice the rising trend across the internet? Nearly all websites today utilize one or the other form of chatbots which are 24/7 working artificial intelligence-assisted algorithmic programs intended to help customers and potential clients of a business.

Rise of Influencer Marketing

In simple words, when a business uses any media celebrity, icon, or personality who is popular and carries a noticeable fan following to promote their products and services, the activity is called “influencer marketing”. For example, you may have seen Gigi Hadid appear in Guess or Tommy Hilfiger advertisements. Companies around the world have experienced a massive rise in the use of influencers to market their products and services. For your information, the global market size for influencer marketing has increased to $13.8 billion in 2021. This is nearly double what was in 2019.

Boost in Personalized Marketing

If you plan to market your products, services, or information through emails, SMS, online content, mobile applications, or any other forms of digital engagement, consider using a touch of personalization. Your marketing tactics shouldn’t seem alien to your customers, which means you have to improve the customer experience. For instance, when you land on a movie website such as Netflix or Amazon, the websites or applications suddenly recommend movies. The use of Artificial Intelligence at the backend enables these recommendations after extensively reviewing the movies that the customer watched previously.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will there be any additional trends in the digital marketing industry?

Surely the technology will improve and lead to further innovation in digital marketing methods.

How to include these latest trends in your marketing strategy?

Getting in touch with the right digital marketing agency can help you incorporate the latest marketing trends into your marketing strategy.