Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

The purpose of creating a blog is to have people read it and engage you and it can get quite frustrating if your blog is not attracting the traffic you hope it would. Before you accuse netizens of having poor tastes in blogs, maybe you should reflect inward to identify the problem

There is stiff competition among blogs to get their content to readers and simply having a blog doesn’t just cut it. You need to do more work than owning a blog and occasionally posting content if you are struck by inspiration if you expect people to read your blog. You can even still have the best content on the web, but people will not read it for one reason or the other.

Here are the possible reasons people are not reading your blog.

You lack catchy titles

Few people will click on your links if they come across them if the title isn’t catchy and alluring. No one will know your good writing and great content if the headline is dull and boring because they will not click on your articles.

While you should not be click baiting your audience, your titles and headlines should be bold and powerful in order to attract readers. Include relevant keywords in your titles for the purposes of SEO ranking.

You ignore SEO

Your blog will never be found by the billions of people who use search engines daily if you don’t optimize it for search engines.

SEO is essential in driving organic traffic to your website and you need to learn SEO strategies. Some of the strategies you need to learn are keyword research and how to use keywords in your articles for better SEO ranking without spamming and white hat link building tactics that don’t get you penalized by search engines. Alternatively, you can hire a professional digital marketing company (View Website) to spearhead your SEO strategies if you want your blog to appear on the first page of search engine results page.

You post inconsistently

You will never grow your blog audience if you only post when you feel like it. You can only build a loyal audience through patience and consistency. Post even if no one seems to read your blog.

Search engines rewards websites with more volumes of content in their database with higher rankings. You should have a regular posting schedule so people know when to expect fresh articles from your blog. This can be weekly, twice weekly, fortnightly, anything as long as you are consistent.

You are not promoting your work

It’s normal to have some level of self-doubt when you are starting a new blog but that should not hold you back from sharing your work. No one will ever find your great articles if you don’t promote your work.

In blogging, writing is the easy part. Promoting your work is when the hard work starts. Promote your work among your networks and also include sharing buttons so your readers can share with their networks. That is how a blog grows.