Online slot facts that will blow your mind

So you think you know online slot games? We’re sure you do, but we’re certain there are still quite a few online slot facts out there that you don’t know that will blow your mind. Online slots from the best slot sites UK have risen in the world ranks of popularity and are more available than ever before. But what don’t you know? We’ve got the answer here!

The slots metrics

Online slots and the developers have made slots to ensure that the player has to stick to playing the game for a set period of time. This metric is known as The Magnetic Effect and ensures that whether it’s an online casino or a land-based casino, it’ll make money as players are online longer.

Online slots make the most moolah

You would think that an online casino makes a lot of its money from each of the games on offer, but that’s not true. In fact, the online slots make up 85 per cent of all online casino revenue. It’s fair to say that slots have become a lot more than what they used to be for business.

Endless jackpot

With progressive jackpot games, nobody knows when the jackpot will be won. However, the general rule of thumb is that the more the game is played the more the jackpot will be. This means that the jackpot is theoretically endless and can be won by anybody at any time, as there’s no ceiling to the jackpot amount it’ll certainly change someone’s life!

Slot machines still aren’t universally legal

Online slots and the regular slot machine is still only legal in some parts of the world. In areas where slots are illegal, the punters can still play slots that are available under different guises, known as “sweepstake games” or “amusement devices.” Back in the day, slots got around the restrictions by paying in things like sweets and soft drinks. Online slots can get around these restrictive laws easier.

Japan have a slot machine total of five million

The global share of slots is rising vastly across the globe, with Europe holding the largest share due to early legalisation of the slots and betting. The UK was in fact among the first to legalise the slot machine. Huge growth has also been seen in Asia Pacific, with China as the main market. Meanwhile in Australia, around 34 per cent of the overall spend and activity takes place via a smartphone.

Slots are based on nothing but probability

There really is no way for a player to determine if they are going to win on a particular slot machine, whether it’s through online slots or otherwise. The chances of winning come down to nothing more than a random number generator (RNG) and this makes it near impossible to guess. All a player can do to help assure a win is know their stuff when it comes to online slots, and play the games responsibly through a good online casino.