James DeVellis – How to Keep Up With The News

We are very much living in the information age and it has never been easier for us to stay on top of the news from all over the world. In fact what actually becomes hard is whittling down the news that we receive, to make sure that we are viewing the stuff that we want. Few people care about a fox running onto a football field in Baltimore, but they do care when Japan are about to start whale hunting again. We all have different ideas of what we want from our news sources and this means you have to put in a little effort to tailor-make your own. My buddy James DeVellis tells me how he did it.


Twitter is a great source for fresh news and you can see what is trending in a heartbeat, which can often give you an insight into any allegations which have recently been made. In terms of your own news feed this is something which you need to voluntarily change, rather than simply executing your news feed to be relevant to what you want. Using the website you can create different lists of followers which you can use to filter your news, you can have a sports list, a  list about politics or the economy, whichever you want.


NewsNow is a brilliant website which acts as an aggregator to bring together news from all over the world and put it in one place under a variety of categories and sub-categories. What is even better about this website is that when you create an account you will be able to have your very own news feed which features any new and old news about your chosen subjects. This acts as a greta place to check out the news each morning and they rely on only trusted news sources to bring you the hottest stories which are going on both in your local environment and around the world. This is about as personalized as news can get and it will make such large amounts of information far easier for you to consume.


If you are solely looking for facts then the best option is to go straight to the source of the news, rather than the way in which it is being told. A newspaper like the New York Post for example will print a story about the Middle East which has usually come from a journalist of Reuters or from the Associated Press. The story is then sold to the publications and they will put their own spin on the events that have taken place. Through social media channels however you can follow both AP and Reuters and instead of reading a spun piece about the events, you can read it directly from the source and make up your own mind.

Don’t just consume what you are given, personalize the way that you view the news online and make your life easier.

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