Integrating IT Asset Management: FAQs

Integrating IT asset management into your business is not always a smooth process. This is why we have compiled a list of some FAQs to help your business transition to IT asset management and get back on track in no time. Keep reading to find out some of the answers to frequently asked questions on this topic in the article below.

What is IT asset management?

IT asset management, which is also known as ITAM, combines some important business practices including inventory, financial and contractual functions. Implementing this into your company can help to support lifecycle management and optimise spending in terms of IT in your company.

How do you integrate it?

When it comes to integrating IT asset management, it is beneficial to make use of special software. There are many different companies who offer software that helps you to achieve your asset management goals and improve the way that your company operates.

What features should your software have?

The best IT asset management software will have some special features that will help to improve your business. This includes help desk integration, patch management and inventory management. You might also want to have CMDB and monitoring in your package for the best possible results.

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Is there any training for ITAM?

If you are struggling to integrate IT asset management into your system, you’ll find that there are some training courses that you can complete. This includes certification courses, kickstart courses and even personalised training offered by the company behind the software that you choose.

Does IT asset management integrate with my existing database?

When you use IT asset management software, you can be sure that your existing database will be integrated. This will of course depend on the type of database that you have but you should find that the process is relatively simple.

Does IT asset management integrate with my intranet?

You should be able to integrate your IT asset management with your company’s internal website or intranet relatively easily. You will of course need to embed the End-User Portal using an iFrame, but the software company should be able to talk you through how to do this.

Can end users participate in change management?

If you are interested in your end users participating in change management then don’t worry as this is extremely possible in IT asset management software. The End-User Portal should help to provide access to this.

What sort of products can be patched with IT asset management software?

Many of the most popular It asset management software packages should be able to patch a variety of products. This can include all Microsoft products, many Adobe systems, Google Inc products and even the Apple Computer Inc products.

Make sure to take a read over some of the frequently asked questions about IT asset management and use this information to make your implementation of as ITAM system into your company as smooth as possible.